Jetsettin Daisy: Give Back Luncheon at Andre's Bistro & Bar

Monday, March 26, 2018

Give Back Luncheon at Andre's Bistro & Bar

One of my favorite events to attend is the Give Back Luncheon. 

Our good friend, Patty (Stilettos and Sin City) throws this event at least once a year and it's always AMAZING. Not only is it a wonderful time to catch up with friends and enjoy a great meal, it's a wonderful way to learn about a great cause. 

Each luncheon supports a different local charity and Patty always has representatives from the organization present to tell us about their cause and answer all of our questions. I love supporting a good cause but this is even more amazing because it allows everyone who attends a chance to really know where there donations go and how they are used!

This recent Give Back Luncheon was held at Andre's Bistro & Bar; a great local French restaurant. The service and food has always been fantastic so it was such a beautiful place to attend such a wonderful and meaningful event!

This luncheon was benefitting St Jude's Ranch for Children, an organization that provides so many services and programs for children of abuse and neglect. Hearing about this amazing cause and all of the things they do to better the lives of these children was so inspiring. 
I can't wait to volunteer and help out myself!

A huge thank you to Patty for throwing this fabulous event and educating us about this wonderful organization! Thank you Andre's Bistro & Bar for the delightful meal and the following sponsors for the beautiful gift bag goodies!

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