Thursday, May 26, 2016

So May has always been an anniversary month for me since May 06 marks the day I started this blog.

That came and went without me even realizing it. I will pay attention on Year 5.

May is also my cheesy one year anniversary with the love of my life so it's a nice month.

We wanted to celebrate in style but didn't really have the time or disposable income to leave town, so we opted for the Pahrump Winery. My brain doesn't usually conjure up any fancy images when I think of a place known for legal prostitution and fireworks.

Fortunately, the winery is a nice little change of scenery from the mounds and mounds of sand surrounding the area. We had a nice dinner, a wine tasting, and enjoyed a pretty nice sunset.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hey everyone!

I'm making some updates and changes. I got bored.

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Where has the time gone???

Thursday, May 5, 2016

I seriously had not realized it had been so long since I had updated until I remembered that it's MAY. I have no idea when that happened.

2016 has been a pretty nice year so far. Nothing crazy, nothing super exciting, but nothing horrible either. It's interesting how quiet the year has been when I had originally planned so many big things for 2016 (back early last year, that is). It's been really nice and settling into a quieter routine has actually been a bit of an adventure in itself. Amsterdam and Dubai can wait, especially now that I have the perfect partner in crime for all my crazy plans.

Anyhow, I'll try to update more. I think. 
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NFR 2015- The Cadillac Three

Thursday, February 11, 2016

If you've been following my blog for a little while, you probably know- 
I'm a pretty big fan of The Cadillac Three. 

I met these guys in November 2014 on the Florida Georgia Line Cruise and they are not only really really talented guys, they're super nice and down to earth too.

I headed to this show solo as (what was supposed to be) my final NFR show and a pre-birthday hurrah. I managed to get a pretty awesome spot right in front (even though it was by an amp). The show was amazing as usual and since it was the last show of the year, the guys brought a pretty excited energy with them. Despite being behind a blonde with five elbows (and got handsy with me thinking my hand was her boyfriend's crotch), it was a wonderful time.

After the show, I was sitting in the casino trying to decide if I wanted to get food when Jaren and Neal walked by. Hellos and hugs followed and Jaren mentioned they were headed to a radio interview and "You know what, just come with us". Before I knew it, I was headed to the bar with two of the coolest guys in country music and their roadies. 

Following the interview, Jaren and Neal ordered a round for the group and toasted to the last show of the year. It was pretty cool to be included and get to hang out with the guys for a little while away from the crowds. Such a great way to celebrate my birthday!

P.S. The guys JUST realized a new single "Graffiti". Go check it out. 

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NFR 2015- A Thousand Horses

Monday, February 8, 2016

Last year the concert area at the Mirage was daunting to say the least. I had only seen it from a distance and did not realize that there was a large dancefloor in the middle making the crowds seem way bigger than they were. This year, I got there early and realized that it was actually a pretty easy crowd to navigate and we had pretty good spots for A Thousand Horses.

Super weird lighting.

Corey actually enjoyed the show.

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