Saturday, December 20, 2014

NFR 2014 Part 02

Happy Saturday, Blog World!

I just got home from Atlanta and I have no idea how I'm going to queue up all these posts for the month. It's probably going to take me until February. lol 

I cannot plug one of my fave bands, Old Dominion, enough. They are truly amazing. So amazing that I saw them three times in one week during NFR. lol That's a lot! So check them out or you may even see them when they hit the road with Kenny Chesney on his next big tour!!!

My second concert night of the NFR was pretty chill and easy going. Old Dominion was doing a three night set at the MGM Grand Gold Buckle Zone. One of the things I looooove about NFR is that at least a couple of the larger casinos will have a whole set-up with big screens and concert stages for smaller country acts. I'd never actually been to any of them and this year, I really enjoyed the setup at MGM. Very chill, fun, and a great stage. Since it was the first night, the dance floor was mostly used for dancing (since the crowds had yet to realize it was kind of also a makeshift pit for the concerts) but I got to be front and center. Took a lot of great photos and got to chat and goof off with the band after the show. Definitely a wonderful night!!!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday

The time the cast of Las Vegas was in Las Vegas.

I used to really love that show. 
I was really bummed when they cancelled it suddenly on a freaking cliffhanger! And um, who didn't think Josh Duhamel was pretty adorable at one point or another?

For their 100th episode, they threw a big party at Moon inside the Palms. I found out at the last minute but I still made it over. Not very many people knew they were even there which made it easier to wander over and say hello. Josh was fairly drunk and telling everyone Happy New Year even though it was the end of January. Molly Sims never wandered out of the booth. Everyone was SUPER nice. 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

London Part 05

The London Harry Potter tour was a lot of fun but got a bit detoured because of Remembrance Day. We saw the Millenium Bridge (hello Deatheaters), the Ministry of Magic, 12 Grimmauld Place, entrances to the Leaky Cauldron, and parts of the inspiration for Diagon Alley. After the tour, we wandered Trafalgar Square a bit. 

It may be Monday, but this post is getting shared on What You Wish Wednesdays hosted by StaciaLeslieMelissaNikki, and Amanda!

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sundaze on Sundays- Bingo with Cole Swindell & Thomas Rhett

The title kind of says it all.

We played bingo like little old ladies on our sea day.

I won't even begin to explain the insanity of this. Instead, I will try and impart to you the wisdom that Cole and Thomas shared with us.

When faced with whether or not to swear in the theatre:
"There is a child in here. No wait, childs. That's plural. There are childs in here."- Thomas Rhett

When discussing losing CMA Best New Artist to Brett Eldredge:
"Did you fall in love to the beat of the music, Cole?"- Thomas Rhett
"No, but I did fall over to the beat of the music."- Cole Swindell

When discussing hosting Bingo:
"We were told this was our first ever sold out bingo experience." 

When asked to spell refrigerator: 
"I don't even have one of those. I have a cooler and ice."- Cole Swindell

When asked about "Girl in a Country Song":
"I don't know about you, Thomas, but when I was writing those songs, I wasn't writing about Maddie and Tae."- Cole Swindell

We also witnessed Cole spilling beer down his leg and drinking Jack Daniels from a travel size shampoo bottle, Thomas doing his best Jason Aldean impression, and Cole trying to punch his bingo numbers in multiple cards. Fun times were had by all.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Birthday Posts & NFR 2014 Part 01

Well, hello there, blog world!

I finally have a second to catch my breath because NFR started last week and I've been out just about every single night. Today is my birthday and it is super slow at work so... blog post!!!

I'll start with the Downtown Hoedown that kicked off the 2014 NFR. It's one of my fave events because it's always on my weekend.

This year's line-up was pretty awesome. While all of the artists were great, I was really just there to see two of them- Old Dominion and The Cadillac Three. If you haven't heard of either band, you've probably heard a lot of the songs their members have written (combined, they've written for Tim McGraw, The Band Perry, Dierks Bentley, Jake Owen, etc). Suffice to say, they're both awesome bands and two of my absolute faves. I missed the Thomas Rhett set since I was chatting with Neil and Jaren from The Cadillac Three when it started but that's totally fine since... well, I've seen Thomas three times this year. LOL Got some great photos and had a great time chatting with the guys before they headed off to Europe. After Old Dominion's set, I asked Matt if they would be playing "Say You Do" at any of their other shows that weekend (they had another three scheduled), a song they had written for Dierks and he said they would (and they totally did). Grabbed some awesome tacos at the Container Park with Mike and enjoyed some fancy chocolates as well. Great night!

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