Monday Must Haves

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hello blog world! 

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

This is totally not what I usually do for my Monday posts but whatever. Has anyone been on the Mod Cloth sale page lately? So many good finds! I'm always on the hunt for things that are out of season that I can wear next year- for instance, I'm buying sandals for next summer now. Cute colorful pieces that match a lot of the basics that are sitting in my closet now. 

There's also a lot of really cute jewelry on clearance too. I recently shopped this sale and got a bunch of great pieces for under $8 and now they're even cheaper. If you're looking for off season pieces, go check it out! The sizes are running out fast!

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Stay-In Saturdays

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Morning blog world!

A few weeks ago I was at Wal Mart and came across a really cool display rack for a product line called Street Kitchen. I love cooking but I'm not super crazy about spending over an hour in front of the stove (especially in the summer when it's already hot enough as it is) and these looked really appealing. They have a bunch of different really fun ethnic dishes with all the seasonings and sauces you need to make a really great meal. 

I tried out the Moroccan Lemon Chicken first because I usually have a small reserve of couscous in my pantry and I happened to have falafel mix as well. Corey always keeps a ton of boneless skinless chicken in the freezer in bags of two, so we always have easy access to meat for cooking. 

The instructions were super easy and the packs really did have everything we needed. The pack basically includes everything but the meat, veggies, and any starches you might want so it's easy to customize a fun exotic meal in under an hour. For less than $2 a pack, I highly recommend checking out Street Kitchen! It's definitely more fun for adventurous cooks but it's a great easy way to try something new!

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Foodie Fridays

Friday, September 23, 2016

I'm a big fan of happy hour. I'm not a drinker but usually it's a great time to try out some of the food offerings at a reduced price. We have a lot of fun and fancy happy hours here in Vegas so it's an especially great time to try out some of the more upscale restaurants. 

Recently while taking my cousin to the airport, we were in need of a fun place for an easy bite. Since the Hard Rock Hotel is a quick jaunt to the airport, we decided to hit up Culinary Dropout for happy hour. In addition to the drink specials, there's a ton of items on the happy hour food menu and they're all full sized (some pretty big portions too).

Culinary Dropout has a pretty big antipasti menu so if you're really into meats and cheese, there's a ton of options. There's also some fun fancy snacks like prosciutto deviled eggs (so yummy) and pimiento cheese with almonds. 

The smoked salmon bruschetta was delicious.

As was the BBQ pork belly nachos. Because seriously- BBQ pork belly nachos. Best chips ever. Definitely share these because it's a big plate.

We ordered light so we could have dessert- Bourbon Black Bottom Pie and Salted Caramel Custard. Bonus: the custard came with some of the best caramel corn EVER. 

Service was spotty at first (we sat in the bar area and had to get our own menus and waited a while before anyone showed up) but once we snagged a server, he was awesome. The yummy meal more than made up for the wait!

We needed to kill some time so we wandered Hard Rock for a while. We have some pretty cool pieces which I'm pretty sure we only get because it's Vegas. I once spent a weekend working an awards show gifting suite at HRH so I'm still fairly familiar with the layout even though a lot of the venues have changed. Still so many fun things to see!

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Throwback Thursdays

Thursday, September 22, 2016

So a couple years ago, I made a really really hellish trip to Albuquerque to see Luke Bryab. 

This trip was the epitome of a travel nightmare. I had researched the bus schedules and downloaded the bus app so I would always be able to catch the bus easily. Getting from the airport to the hotel was easy enough and then from the hotel to Old Town Albuquerque. It was super hot and really humid because storms were in the area. On the way back to the hotel I missed every bus at every stop because the app was behind on the time, cabs would have taken way longer, and I ended up walking the extra two miles back to the hotel in completely unfamiliar territory. I had just enough time to take a cold shower and ice my feet (and chug water because I was afraid I was going to get heat stroke) before calling a cab to Isleta Amphitheatre. After waiting, I get a nasty call from the cab company saying I'd better hurry up because someone else was going to take my cab. I end up sharing with a couple going to the same place and we endure one of the worst cab rides ever (and I've taken cab rides in third world countries). I get a great spot by the stage, manage to watch the entire Florida Georgia Line set, and the entire time, the wind is picking up and the sky is turning black. After the set, amphitheatre staff come out to say the concert is on hold due to a storm that's coming and we should all take cover or go back to the parking lot (that's all the way up a winding hill). There was no time for this. It starts to pour, the wind blows metal sheets off buildings, and the amphitheatre floods within 20 minutes. I'm sitting in about a foot of water for thirty minutes and once we are sure the concert is being cancelled because the storm won't end abruptly like they sometimes do, we all make our way to the parking lot which is an even bigger nightmare. If it weren't for the Albuquerque Police, I don't know how I would have gotten back to my hotel. I had to sit in the shower for about 45 minutes to try and warm myself back up because now I was freezing and afraid of hypothermia. Just a total nightmare. And I was alone. Even worse.

Anyway, that was a segue into my Throwback Thursday post which is my do-over in Salt Lake City. This trip couldn't have been more perfect from the day tour I took to the awesome cab driver and the most perfect seat ever. I managed to sell my Albuquerque ticket on Stubhub (that poor ticket was waterlogged and miraculously the ink had not smeared so it was still usable) for more than what I had spent on the ticket and the roundtrip transportation to the amhitheatre. I decided to splurge on the Salt Lake ticket and got a VIP ticket for 15th row and the VIP pre-show which featured a private acoustic set with Luke. It turns out the 15th row ended up being the fifth row because the other ten rows were the floor. My seat was right in front of an elevated tier so I stood on my chair the entire time front and center and almost eye level with Luke Bryan. I even got to chat with a then unknown Cole Swindell in the parking lot where he did a short acoustic set with the radio station. This trip more than made up for the near death experiences in Albuquerque! 

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What's Up Wednesday

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Morning everyone!

So now that the weather is NICE, it's a perfect time to explore some of what the Nevada desert has to offer. We've got ghost towns, weird kitschy attractions, and Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains is a really cool art installation that recently showed up off I15. It's super colorful and easy to get to from both directions. There's even parking. Make sure you stay on the path because it is the desert and there are rattle snakes!

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