My Favorite Carry-On Bag

Friday, February 17, 2017

I have been flying cheap a lot as of late. 

I have never loved spending a ton of money on flights even though I did enjoy first class a lot as a child (OMG those hot fudge sundaes in seat 1A). The influx of budget airlines has made it so much cheaper to get around and honestly, I never really need any of the extras. I'm small so I never need a ton of legroom so I never need to pay for larger seats or more space. Also, the idea of spending more on one business/first class flight than I would spend on three cheaper flights is not something I see myself doing. I'm a pretty frugal flyer because I'd rather spend the extra money on food or or activities or save it for the next trip. I even hate checking bags unless it's international or a trip that's longer than five days. I am a fair overpacker so this is always a bit of a challenge. I do have to say, I've gotten better in recent years and actually wear almost everything I pack so it's not so bad but even then, I do stuff a lot into my small carry-on bags. 

Today, I wanted to share my favorite carry-on bag. It's tiny and still cute while fitting in even the smallest underseat spaces. It has saved me a ton on my Frontier and Spirit flights when I travel for two to three days. It's well structured and easy to wipe down if it gets dirty and it's a great brand. There are tons of compartments and there's plenty of space to separate out toiletries and undergarments. Unlike a lot of other carry-on bags, the side pockets have a ton of smaller sections and compartments as well so it's really easy to stay organized and find a little spot for each individual item. I've used this bag a lot in the past year and I absolutely love it. It even comes with a great "back-up bag" that's got a full zipper and works great as a shopping bag for traveling. 

Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On With Back-Up Bag

My Five Favorite Bloggers

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Good morning!

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite blogs with you guys. I have a handful that I absolutely love- these are blogs I read a lot of when I first discovered them. I love looking at clothes and travel and these blogs have all of that. 

Southern Curls & Pearls- This is one of the first blogs I ever followed. I love how girly it is and I adore the colors. The clothes are always gorgeous and Caitlin writes in a great way that makes you feel like you've been friends for years. Plus her trip pictures! So jealous!

The Sweetest Thing- I love to see what Emily wears when she travels and her recent pregnancy posts are adorable and so super honest! Her travel outfits are always awesome. Plus her dog is just so stinking cute!

Bows & Sequins- I totally binge read this blog when I discovered it. Jessica travels so much and she has some really great city guides! When I plot getaways to big cities I consult her page for places to eat and drink. Her Snapchat is also a fave- she's super realistic and funny. 

Visions of Vogue- I love Jenna Colgrove's blog; it's super fashionable and fun without being scary for my wallet. Her pics are always awesome and her fashion finds won't break my bank account. 

Pink Peonies- Okay Rachel Parcell has one gorgeous home. Seriously, so beautiful. I love her designs and her outfit posts but I especially love the pics she posts of her house, most definitely during the holidays. Plus- her office. So much pink and just the cutest office space ever!

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Monday Must Haves

Monday, February 13, 2017

Ugh, it's Monday and I have a doctor's appointment. Fun!

So the weather in Vegas this winter has been pretty unpredictable. Needless to say, my skin hasn't been loving it. I'm way too lazy to be using crazy moisturizers constantly or exfoliating as often as I should, so I thought I would share one of my favorite winter skincare products. 

I've been using Frank Body's coffee scrubs for almost a year now and I absolutely love them. They're really great at keeping your skin smooth and soft and they smell so yummy. Seriously, my shower always smells like a fresh cup of coffee afterwards! They're very natural and they actually help with a ton of skincare issues. I have a little bit of eczema and the scrubs don't irritate the situation at all, it actually helps. Some of the other scrubs I've used have been way too harsh but Frank's coffee grounds really feel like a spa treatment without leaving my skin feeling like it was stripped of a few layers. The oils in the scrub also leave a nice hydration that lasts for a while. Frank Body is also really affordable; one pack has lasted months and months and it's under $20! So much cheaper than the spa!

I also have the Frank Body Lip Duo with the lip scrub and lip balm and I have to say, their balm is one of my favorite balms ever. So hydrating and it smells delicious! I'm addicted.

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Milk Bar Las Vegas

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Good morning guys! 

At the end of December, I had a really cool opportunity through Yelp to attend a really amazing even. Milk Bar Las Vegas just opened up at the Cosmopolitan and Yelp Elites were invited to an intimate event to try out the new goodies, hear about what's been planned out. And best of all- meet and listen to Chef Christina Tosi tell us everything herself!

I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Milk Bar for months and months and months. I originally had my fingers crossed that them and Momofuku would open before my birthday but they got delayed. Before the Las Vegas locations were even announced, I had these on my "Must Try" list for my next New York trip. 

It was a really small party but one of the coolest ones yet. Yelp Elite always has some really amazing events and this has to be one of my favorite ones yet. We got the most awesome swag bags (a signed Milk Bar cookbook, crack pie mix, and a gorgeous Milk Bar scarf inside the exclusive Milk Bar tote bag) and upon walking in, we were greeted by a bar filled with the most amazing sweets I've ever seen. Cake truffles, assorted cookies (I tried all but one and they were delicious omg omg omg), crack pies, and the most gorgeous birthday cake ever. I don't think I have to tell you just how yummy everything was! 

After we were properly sugared up, Christina Tosi came out and did a big Q & A session. She told us all about the amazing desserts they're going to be serving including some Las Vegas exclusive items that I cannot wait to try! She was absolutely the sweetest, super friendly and funny and a joy to listen to as she talked about the most awesome sweets. They cut up the giant birthday cake and we all got a slice- it was pure heaven. So good! 

Cannot wait to try my hand at some of the goodies in this book!

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Monday Must Haves

Monday, February 6, 2017

Good grief, it's already Monday again.

Today I wanted to share my favorite pants. I know, that sounds weird. I keep seeing bloggers with the cutest distressed jeans in black and white and all shades of denim and these jeans from Old Navy I've been wearing since fall. They're the most comfortable and they come in a variety of lengths so I don't have to do that awkward tacky cuffing thing on the bottom that I have to do with so many of my other pairs. They're also perfect for stuffing into tall boots and the distressing is nice and not too crazy. These are seriously my go-to pants for just about everything. 

 photo 2017 Sig 01 copy_zpsgxg791ph.png