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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Travel Tuesdays

So I know there are like a million filter apps all over the internet and the app store.

I have to say, this is still my favorite one.


I love this app because it really lets you customize your photos. There are a few cool features that I don't see on other apps that I absolutely love. 

For instance, you can reduce the intensity of each filter and layer the filters as well. 

After this, you can create your own "recipes" to save for later use. I love this because I am super OCD and prefer my vacation photos to have the same vibe. I usually make my filters feel like my tinted vacation sunglasses because, I just do. 

The app also saves the most recently used filters in the "My Style" section as well as the most frequently used filters. And as you can see, there are a lot of different filters to play with and layer.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Biku & Lello Lello

I think most of you know what a sucker I am for afternoon tea.

Granted, few things could top the service at the Goring or the ambiance at the Mulia.

Even so, it's more than a little bit of a habit for me. We decided to check out one more place for a later afternoon high tea in lieu of eating a heavy dinner since we still had some packing to do. After seeing the different offerings, I decided on Biku, a smaller restaurant close to our hotel that offered some fun Asian offerings for an amazing price.

As you can tell, this isn't typical afternoon tea fare. I noticed a lot of the locals in the restaurant had opted for the traditional British style selection but since we were in Bali, I felt Asian would be a bit more fun and authentic. We had masala chai and ginger tea along with a super cool assortment of Asian goodies. Pretty nice!

The one thing we had yet to do in Bali was get ice cream. My mom and I love ice cream. I had spotted this place online at one point and when we happened by it, I knew we had to stop. 

 Raspberry gelato with chocolate cake pieces and a white cocolate drizzle. YUM.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Motel Mexicola & Jalan Kayu Aya

Sadly, it wasn't until our last day in Bali that we figured out just how walkable everything is in Seminyak. We had frequently been coming back from tours in the evening and would get all turned around so it wasn't until this day that we really got our bearings. Noted for next time!

Even so, cab rides cost around $1.50 for most of the places we needed to go and honestly, it was a little too hot to really feel comfortable and happy wandering around on foot the entire time. We typically walk on our trips so the cheap cab rides were an inexpensive luxury.

We wandered around Jalan Kayu Aya, one of the bigger streets in Seminyak. There are a ton of restaurants and shops along this street and a lot of them are bright and colorful like this super fabulous one below. 

Motel Mexicola was one of the must do places on my list for Bali. With the fun colors and great decor, it's an Instagrammer's dream come true. 

We grabbed a couple drinks and some pretty awesome guacamole and just hung out and relaxed.

And of course, we got some pics on the way out.

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Potato Head Beach Club

My last day in Bali I had designated for relaxing. 

After all the exploring we had done, we wanted to make sure we had one day to just eat some great food, enjoy the views, and get a little bit of shopping done. We made a stop by Oberoi Market which was close to the hotel. There are lots of great clothing items there but beware- the shopkeepers can be pretty nasty. I watched one tourist get screamed at and laughed at all the way down the aisle and listened to another loudly reprimand my mother for not buying anything with what I can only imagine are some pretty choice Indonesian obscenities.

We didn't really find anything so we headed over to Potato Head Beach Club. We had a great little lunch (and another beautiful coconut) and enjoyed the views. We weren't exactly beach ready but the ambiance was still fun and the food was good. I definitely recommend stopping by for an afternoon or even just a quick bite!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Moonlite Rooftop Bar

Prior to taking this trip, I had found about a few dozen amazing places I wanted to check out.

There are a lot of really cool bars and restaurants in Bali with beautiful views and unfortunately, there just isn't enough time in a week to see enough of them. I narrowed my list down to what seemed reasonable and honestly, we only made it to about a third of that list. 

One of my top choices was Moonlite at the Anantara Resort. It's right off the beach and the view is really gorgeous. It was already dark when we got there but that honestly didn't take away much from the ambiance.

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