Solo Birthday Part 01

Thursday, January 19, 2017

So as always, NFR was in town last month and of course, it's my favorite time of the year. In addition to rodeo, it's my birthday! There are always so many great shows during or before my birthday and this year was no exception. Unfortunately, I didn't get out too much because I was so busy with work; however, I made sure to book at least one really fun night out for myself.

I don't have that many friends who are super crazy about country music so I've gotten used to going to shows alone. Besides, I'd rather go alone than miss out! The Orleans was hosting Cam and Kelsea Ballerini so I bought myself a couple really great VIP packages so I could celebrate my birthday in style. It was such a good idea!

The first half of the evening was Cam. I picked up my pass and actually ran into a friend from out of town who often does VIP events too so I wasn't completely alone!

We shuffled into the theatre early for a quick meet and greet with Cam. She was absolutely the sweetest! She and Kelsea are both nominated for Grammy awards but are just some of the nicest most humble women I've ever met (the same goes for Maren Morris who I got to meet in October). She was in a giraffe onesie and told us all how she had her entire crew and band dress up in onesies since it was the last show of her Burning House Tour!

We all sat down for a little Q&A session and got some fun insight into her favorite songs and her writing process. It was a super intimate little gathering and a lot of fun. 

Cam put on such a wonderful show. Her set is gorgeous and super dreamy and she has such a beautiful voice. She and her band even changed back into onesies for most of the show! Too cute!

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Vegas Staycation & Carrie Underwood

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hey blog world!

So it's been a little while since I posted and that's because things have been crazy here. Lots of changes and with the holidays it was just easier to hold off on posting rather than just ramble nonsense for a month.

After Thanksgiving my mom and I got to have a little vegas staycation. We wanted to see Carrie Underwood and since room rates are pretty good between Thanksgiving and NFR, we decided to take advantage of the affordable prices and make a night of it.

We got a room at the Monte Carlo for pretty cheap and it is literally right next to the arena. We grabbed lunch at 800 Degrees, one of my favorite spots for custom pizzas (I always get the Bianca with prosciutto, truffle cheese, and arugula). 

We also wandered over to Bellagio to grab some goodies at Jean-Philippe Patisserie. They always have the coolest chocolate statues and of course, since it was around the holidays, there was a giant chocolate Santa! There was also a gorgeous tree right outside the Monte Carlo that made everything so festive!

It had been a rough work week even though it was short because I had been sick almost all month (my health has been horrible this fall/winter for my chronic disorders) so I wanted nothing more than a nap. I do love hotel bed naps! 

One of the things I dislike about Vegas is the unpredictable winter and fall months. I never know exactly what temperatures to expect, especially in November. Sometimes it's perfect sweater weather. Oh no. This time it was literally freezing because the wind was crazy. The walk across the street was pretty frigid and it was short so I can't imagine what we would have done if we had stayed further from the venue. We had a quick dinner at Bruxie before the show. There was Nashville hot chicken and while it was good (and very hot), it's just not Hattie B's. The créme brûlée dessert waffle was delicious though. 

The show was wonderful. We had a really great time and even though we had seats in the upper tier, the view was amazing. The sound quality at T-Mobile Arena is really spectacular. I only wasn't familiar with a couple of the newer songs from her latest album but she played all the best tracks and it was a great time. My mom isn't a big country fan but even she had an amazing time.

One of the best parts of our stay was the view from the room. While the hot afternoon sun kind of baked us, the sunset was perfect and we had a great view of the arena and the Christmas tree and ice skating rink below. So pretty and festive!

Sorry for the window fuzz, it wasn't the cleanest window but the sunset was beautiful!

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What's Up Wednesdays

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Continuing our wanderings across the Pacific Northwest, our next stop was Victoria!

I really love Victoria. Corey had never been and it was a short ferry ride from Port Angeles. It was also a bit of a nauseating ride since it was a smaller ferry. We found some good seats and good company and tried to avoid thinking about the rocking of the boat for the short duration of the trip.

Our first stop was the Butchart Gardens. It's seriously one of the prettiest gardens I've ever been to on the planet and I couldn't wait to share it with Corey. The temperature was perfect and we had so much fun wandering the gardens because it wasn't crazy busy. We even grabbed afternoon tea (well I had tea and Corey had a burger) at the Dining Room which was something I've always wanted to do here.

I think the sunken gardens are my favorite.

Corey enjoyed the Totem Poles.

Everything was in full bloom.

Tea was delicious.

Our next stop was Hatley Castle. We geeked out a bit and stopped here because it was in Deadpool (Professor X's house). We sure do love Deadpool.

We got crazy lucky with our hotel room at the Harbour Towers. With my Expedia Gold status, we snagged a pretty awesome free upgrade to one of the penthouse suites. This was such a welcome surprise since we'd just had weird mishaps almost every night so far and were really in need of a nice room. The suite had two balconies with panoramic views of the harbour, a jacuzzi tub (perfect for soaking our sad feet), a little kitchenette, and a really comfortable bed. 

Wandering the downtown area was perfect; no crowds and beautiful weather.

We went for Happy Hour at The Docks and had some oysters and crab cake sliders with our drinks. We purposely ate pretty light because our next stop was Poutine 66. Corey had never had poutine before so this was absolutely necessary. While we waited for our poutine, we wandered into this market that had some pretty fun Ben & Jerry's flavors that we don't have stateside so we grabbed a pint to take back to the room.

We enjoyed our poutine and ice cream from the comfort of our beautiful balcony while we watched the sunset. Definitely one of the best nights we had on this trip!

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Monday Must Haves- Birthday Edition

Monday, December 5, 2016

Yikes, it's Monday already???

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I would have blogged sooner but it was a crazy weekend and immediately after I got the worst sinus infection/COPD attack. It happens pretty much whenever the weather changes and when my sinuses get inflamed I get some pretty fun (sarcasm here) vertigo. Hurray.

My birthday is in exactly a week. It's not a milestone so I don't have any crazy plans or even that many plans at all really. Corey is taking me to see Justin Moore a couple days before my birthday and I'm pretty sure I know where he wants to take me for dinner but I'll pretend I have no idea so I don't ruin the surprise. My mom and I have decided to do our annual birthday plans whenever we get around to them. 

Just for the hell of it- today's Monday Must Haves are basically my birthday wishlist. Let me just start by saying I hate wishlists. I hate the idea of putting together a list of things for people to buy because it feels awkward to be like "buy me this". I'm keeping it small this year and frankly, this is more for me to remember what I want so I can buy them in January after I'm done with all the Christmas shopping (I'm almost done and want to give my wallet a break). My memory is just horrible so it's not uncommon for me to completely forget something I want even if I really really want it.

I know I'm a pretty impossible person to shop for because frankly, if I can afford to buy it myself I'm going to buy it myself. I tried to make it easier on Corey this year by actually Pinning things I like that I wasn't planning to buy myself but the poor guy has still had to ask me about certain things just to make sure I don't have them. 

I seriously don't know why I don't own a monogrammed necklace. I'm a Southerner and I love monograms. I've been looking at monograms all over because I don't want to spend a ton on a necklace I might not be able to wear forever (you know, names change and such) but this one is pretty and affordable. 

My hair is just such a pain to style; it's heavy and doesn't hold a lot of curl for very long and it's difficult volume wise. Some handy tools would go a long way towards making me not want to shave my head.

The Braves ones of course. These are just so adorable and I can't wait to wear them to Suntrust Park assuming I can make it to Atlanta next fall.

These are so pretty and all make-up staples. I've heard good things about her lipsticks and this would be such a great way to try them out. 

I need another black bag. Simple as that. 

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What's Up Wednesdays

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hello Hello!

Last month I got to check out a really amazing show at the new T-Mobile Arena. I'm always really nervous about checking out shows at huge venues because in the South, parking was always a bitch and crowds were a nightmare. On the other hand, Keith Urban was playing and it's not too far from my work so I decided to go anyway.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the parking situation. The prepaid pass worked like a dream and everything was really organized at the NY NY garage where I parked. I hadn't been to the property since the arena opened and I didn't know just how easy it was to get around. So many great food options and I've never been to a huge arena that had garage parking access that close!

The show was really really amazing. The sound in the arena is great and everything was surprisingly organized. I was actually pretty impressed with how many amenities are scattered around the venue and how many there were. There was no trekking a mile to get to restrooms, food, bars, or merch tables. They were everywhere and the lines weren't long at all. The arena is HUGE and just walking to and from my seat to the meeting points was so much cardio. I had a few VIP passes for the openers- Brett Eldredge and Maren Morris so I was walking around all night to get from one spot to the next by the meeting times. 

I had purchased my ticket kind of last minute and my seat was all the way at the top directly overlooking the stage. Even in the nosebleeds, the view was amazing. 

Such a fun night!!!

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