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Monday, November 12, 2018

Chris Lane at the House of Blues Las Vegas

You guys know how much I love a good country show! When Chris Lane told me back in July that he would be back in October, I scrapped all my plans for the anticipated weekend because there was no way I was missing that show!

The House of Blues is undoubtedly one of my absolute favorite venues in Las Vegas. Not only has it stood the test of time where so many other venues have closed or changed, it’s just an all around great place. The sound is always great, the staff is friendly and helpful, and there is not a single bad seat in the house.

This round was extra special for me because it was the first show I’ve actually gotten to shoot with my professional camera. The venue and tour manager granted me a photo pass which allowed me to capture part of the show from inside the sound booth. From here I had a completely unobstructed view of the stage and it was truly fantastic.

I’m so glad this show was really different from the one I had just seen three months ago. Chris incorporated a lot more new songs than the last show which made it extra fun because I love his Laps Around the Sun album so much! He still played his classic 90s country songs (complete with wardrobe change) but the opened I gotta and closing songs were totally different and a really fun change!

A huge thank you to House of Blues and Chris Lane’s tour management for hosting me and granting me photo access. As usual, all opinions are my own!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Museum of Ice Cream and Under 24 Hours in San Francisco

Hey guys!

Since the San Francisco location of the Museum of Ice Cream was just announced as its first permanent location, I thought it would be fun to do a post with my visitor tips and experience. My blogger pal, Ayron and I recently did a quick whirlwind trip of San Francisco and our big stop was the Museum of Ice Cream! Read along for our experience!

Go on a weekday if you can. If you would like to avoid as many screaming, sugar high children as possible, this is vital. There will still be lots of kids but not as many.

Make sure you bought your tickets ahead and received them via text. It sounds so dumb but so many people were coming up to the staff and asking if they could buy from them. The answer was no.

Buy into a time slot that has lots of tickets available. The Museum of Ice Cream organizes admission by entry times that are spaced fifteen minutes apart. If you buy a certain time slot, you really are expected to be there in that time slot. Late arrivals are not admitted and there really isn’t much point in getting there early. If you buy a time that has lots of availability, you are definitely more likely to have time to wander in a less crowded space.

Don’t expect that empty sprinkle pool shot. Do expect to get hit in the head with a beach ball at least once. Also expect sprinkles to be everywhere.

Take advantage of the selfie stations as you line up for the sprinkle pool. These are kind of the only spots you are guaranteed to not have other people in your photos. The “carousel” is another good spot if it’s not too crowded as well as the unicorns and the mirror room.

All in all, keep your expectations for photos a little lower and just have fun. Eat the ice cream. Bring a buddy! The Museum of Ice Cream is a lot of fun but also kind of exhausting. You will likely only be here the hour so plan accordingly!

So you’re probably wondering- did they just fly in for MOIC and leave? No. We did not.

We started the morning by taking the BART to Embarcadero and grabbing breakfast at the Ferry Building. I love grabbing something portable and sitting up on the lookout where the ferries come in. It’s got the best view of the Bay Bridge and a pretty awesome view of the Port of San Francisco! The Ferry Building has so many great vendors- including a completely gluten-free bakery for Ayron!

After breakfast, we wandered around Union Square for a bit. Unfortunately, it was under construction. Still, that didn’t stop us from wandering into some fun shops and admiring the window displays of the designer stores.

We did our time slot at MOIC after this and really did clock it in at under an hour- even with crowds!

From here we headed to the Powell cable car stop. We saved time since we bought tickets in advance on the SF MUNI app but there was still a pretty long line. To be honest, this was the biggest time suck of the whole day. For us, it made the most sense since Ayron had never been on the cable cars and our destination was literally at the end of the line (by Ghirardelli).

We grabbed lunch over at the Blue Mermaid inside the  Argonaut Hotel. I’ll be honest- we picked it for the name and the listing of gluten free chowder. The food was okay and the service was confused. I probably wouldn’t go back! We got dessert at Ghirardelli and it was delightful. Going there goes against my major travel rule of not eating anywhere on a trip that I could eat at back home; however, the ambiance at the real Ghirardelli cannot be duplicated.

One of our main goals for the trip was to check out all the pretty houses we always see on our IG feeds. Since it was still summer, we knew a lot of flowers would still be in bloom and we were not disappointed! We headed towards Hayes Valley to try the macarons at Chantal Guillon (all gluten-free for Ayron) and then wander the streets in search of pretty homes until we got to the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square.

Our last stop for the day was in the Mission District. If you follow any bloggers from San Francisco, I’m sure you’ve seen the cute photos of Media Noche! Let me tell you- the food was awesome and reasonably priced and the service was great as well. The whole restaurant is super IG worthy and the mural outside was stunning (it's no longer the flamingos but it’s just as pretty). The area also consists of a ton of candy-colored homes!

From there, we headed back to SFO where we almost were late for our flight and then sat on the tarmac for an hour. By then we were so exhausted it just meant more time to nap!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Desert Hair and Somerfield Beauty

This post was written in collaboration with Somerfield Beauty. 
As usual, all opinions are my own!

(Ignore the fact that my hair is a mess- it's really hard to smooth it out when it's dried out!)

I love a good hair mask but it's SO HARD to find one that works really well more than once! I had seen the Somerfield Beauty hair masks on Instagram and was dying to try them. I loved the idea of a mask that would really set into my hair and not be messy at all. Something I could use without getting it all over my hands and something that wouldn't be super greasy and gross.

There are two ways to use the mask- the first would be to apply it immediately after washing your hair. While it's still wet, put the cap on and leave it for about 15 minutes. 

The second way is my preferred method and the easiest way and really does make this the least messy mask I've used!

On dry hair, apply the cap.

Blow dry to heat.
Let sit for about 15 minutes.

Heating it really allows the mask to soak into the hair and treat it- which is great because it seems no matter what I do, my hair is always SO DRY here in the desert. The Somerfield Beauty masks come in singles or in sets of three so if you want to just try one out, you can!

Somerfield Beauty recently came out with a shampoo and conditioner set and I really like them because they're moisturizing without being heavy or feeling like they leave behind a lot of residue!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Hamptons White Party at Andiron Steak & Sea

I love a good theme party.

Last summer, one of the events that I really wanted to attend was the Hamptons White Party at Andiron Steak and Sea inside Downtown Summerlin. Unfortunately, my schedule didn't allow for it so I was SUPER excited this year when I got an invitation to attend and bring a few of my blogger friends with me!

I brought Graciella (Dizzy Spangle), Mallory (Life by MJ), and Brie (Laqing in Creativity) with me and we had such a fun time! The weather was actually kind of perfect which is super rare in the summer here in Vegas.

We had fun with this adorable Peroni bike and the step and repeat!

Belvedere cocktails and sunnies!

They had all kinds of fun passed bites as well as a poke bar, a tater tot bar, a carving table, and the most amazing dessert table!

I love how Andiron always looks like you're at a fabulous coastal retreat and not in the middle of the dessert in the heat of summer.

Seriously, how adorable is this dessert table???

We got cotton candy!!!

With our Belvedere sunnies after dark.

I got the cutest (and super comfortable and breathable) dress at Nordstrom Rack along with the jewelry I wore. I had a Nordstrom Note so it was all such a steal!!!

Thanks so much for hosting us, Andiron!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Forum Shops Fall Kickoff Event

Can you believe fall is just around the corner? How crazy is that?

This past weekend, I got to attend a really fun blogger event at the Forum Shops inside Caesars Palace. It was organized by our friend, Christie (I Can Style U) and featured some really great retailers who told us all about their new products and fall trends.

Our first stop was the Dior Beauty Boutique

We have one of five Dior Beauty Boutiques in the whole country so it was really cool getting to sip champagne and hear about their new products including the Joy fragrance which was Dior's first new fragrance in years. 

Our Dior Beauty also has a really cool spa suite for skincare treatments! 

Our next stop was Stuart Weitzman. I'm OBSESSED with their boots. They had a model outside showing off one of their adorable Veruka boot. They have some great new fall pieces and their boots are SO classic and beautiful. Their fall line-up has a lot of fun metal accents that look really put together and subtle. 

I really loved the Wolfe Bootie because they just feel like the perfect fall bootie to me! The Bridle Caramel is also a color I really love that goes so well with all my fall clothes. 

These Cylinder 75 sandals were also really cute in the Cabernet color.

Next, we went to Sam Edelman. I love Sam Edelman- their styles are classic but fun and whimsical at the same time. They had so many great sparkly pieces and a whole table of the prettiest ballet flats ever (I seriously wanted one of each). 

I really loved these Felicia flats because I have so much mustard yellow in my closet! The crushed velvet is super cute too. They had so many colors and textures- you could literally have several for each season! 

Our last retail stop was Ted Baker and it was AMAZING. The manager was so fun and enthusiastic and he had prepared a whole rolling rack for us of the new fall pieces! 

They have so many great florals that are beautiful and girly but still quirky and fun (the pretty pink one has iguanas in it, check out the Livliap pumps below to see). Their new fall pieces have lots of ruffles which I love and they weren't crazy or bulky looking (because that drives me nuts). 

I really love that Ted Baker has different collections for different occasions like the Ted Says Relax loungewear collection. 

The store itself was also stunning- I wanted to take pictures of EVERYTHING. The manager said all Ted Baker stores are unique and reflect their region- this one was clearly depicting the desert. 

To round out the event, we headed over to Sushi Roku for lunch. I love Sushi Roku- I took my mom here for her birthday a while back and the food is SO GOOD. They also have a really fun happy hour and they're one of the few restaurants I've been to that carry my favorite sake. We had round after round of amazing pieces like the sashimi, the beef wrapped asparagus, and the sea bass. 

They even had a fabulous selection of cocktails that they could make virgin without them just looking like juice (this was the Ginger Lychee Mojito). I've noticed if you ask for a specific cocktail and just tell them to sub the alcohol for club soda, they bring them out looking the same but in mocktail form instead of bringing you juice. So much prettier!

A huge thank you to Forum Shops for hosting this amazing event!!!

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