Friday, October 24, 2014

Blogtober Day 24 & Nashville Part 5

Helene in Between

Day 24. One Beauty Product You Can't Live without

Urban Decay NAKED Palettes Love these all sooooo much I need this in my life ❤️

I love these. So much. I use the browns for my brows too so it saves me on having to bring a million brow fillers. I also love this thing.
NARS The Multiple in Orgasm How could this hall-of-fame color stick not make our list? The pinky-peach hue is universally flattering, and it imparts that morning-after glow on cheekbones even faster than a little lovin’ could.

The name is always a bit awkward to bring up in public (and funny), but it delivers the perfect amount of pink cheeked color.

And here is my last Nashville post!
My last day in Nashville was mostly spent alone since my dear Becca had to work. She dropped me off at Opryland and I grabbed breakfast and walked around the conservatory. It's funny, I know this place is huge, but I remember it being so much bigger when I was younger. I walked through 80% of the building in 45 minutes. I swear, I wasn't power walking. LOL

After my Opryland adventure and some shrimp & grits (I can't resist grits), I headed over the the Grand Ole Opry for the backstage tour. It's amazing how much history is in that building and so cool to be in the same areas as so much of country music's greatest artists. I seriously geeked out standing on that six foot circle of the Ryman on the stage. I wish I could have stayed longer and gone to the show that night since there was a great lineup!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blogtober Day 23 & Nashville Part 4

Helene in Between

Day 23. Favorite instagram editing apps/ or editing tools for your blog-

I'm not going to lie, usually I'm way too lazy to do anything other than add Instagram's filters to my photos. LAME, right?? But when I do actually try to pretty them up, I am obsessed with Pic Tap Go. Like OBSESSED.

I love that they let you create filter "recipes". For instance, Roger has his own filter setting. HA. I set up a few generic ones for cloudy days, beach photos, city shots, etc. It makes it way easier!

On a completely unrelated note, on to Part 4 of my Nashville adventure!

This had to be one of the highlights of what was already an amazing trip. I purposely timed my trip before November so that I could see the Miranda Lambert Backstage Access exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame. It did not disappoint! The museum was amazing, so many awesome pieces of serious country music history in one big building. I think I geeked out every single time I turned around. We also made a visit to the Hatch Show Print shop and I got a really wonderful print for the exhibit that Miranda kindly signed for me a few days later!

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Throwback Thursday

The time I went to a show just to see the opener and got to hang out with them all night.

One of my fave venues in Vegas was Wasted Space at the Hard Rock. It sadly is no longer there. Some of my fave shows were there and it is where I met my beloved AJ McLean. The venue was quite small and really private so the shows always felt more intimate and the bands more accessible.

I admit, I went to this Plain White Ts concert JUST for Danger Radio. They were one of my fave bands at the time and I'd first heard their song when their video played before a Chippendales show. So random. After their set, the band came out into the audience to enjoy the headliner and since we were crowded over by the bar, we started talking. I told them all about where I heard them first (which they thought was hilarious) and showed them the pics I took of the show (which they really liked). At one point one of the drunker patrons asked me if I wanted to stand in front of him so I could see better instead of hanging out with the openers. That was super nice but I explained to him that the openers were the reason I was there. Overall, a really fun night and to this day, one of my fave concert experiences.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blogtober Day 22 & Nashville Part 3

Helene in Between

Day 22. Your Pet Peeves

Lateness- How difficult is it to leave a few minutes early so you can be on time???
Rudeness- Calm down people. I have my moments too but still.
Invasion of personal space- Especially on airplanes.
Over familiarity- I hate it when people act like they know you so well when they just meet you. Awkward. So awkward.
Flakiness- I hate it when people cancel at the last minute. I have a three strikes rule.

On to Nashville Part 3!

After our Franklin outing, we drove around. Becca showed me around the downtown area, a farmer's market, and a few spots I absolutely HAD to check out. Iveycakes made Carrie Underwood's wedding cake so trying her I Do cupcakes was a MUST. We also hit up Hattie B's for some hot chicken, sitting on the patio, and basic people watching. We made a trip to the Parthenon and wandered the park. It was a gorgeous day. We also admired the city billboards and wall murals (I do love me some FGL and Chris Young).

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blogtober Day 21 & Nashville Part 2

Helene in Between

Day 21. Dream Vacation- 

I have too many, this one is hard!!!

I think a month-long train trip around Europe would probably be my number one here. I would love to fly into London and take Eurostar to Paris and then Eurail to all the places I haven't been to yet. I want to see the tulips and windmills in Holland. I want to have real Belgian waffles in Brussels. I want to go back to Copenhagen for more amazing Danishes. I'd love to go back to Interlochen in Switzerland and admire the views. I went to Europe several times as a child but I want to see what it's like as an adult. And it would be nice to go with a significant other instead of mom and dad. lol

I'm not going to lie, Nashville has been one of my bucket list places for the last few years. I've been there several times but never really got to explore the city and all it's country goodness as an adult and I had been dying for the perfect time to go for a long time.

My second day in Nashville was pretty crazy. We did a lot, so much in fact, that I'm splitting it into several parts. The only time I didn't take any pics (whaaaaat) was at the Preds game because we were alternating between yelling and freezing. LOL

We spent our Monday morning in Franklin. While it was super adorable, I've spent so much time in historic town squares this year that it didn't seem too unique, but was definitely still beautiful. We grabbed breakfast at the Franklin Mercantile. Amazing grits. Loved them.

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