Jetsettin Daisy: October 2016

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lazy Sundaze

Hey guys!

Ugh, it's Sunday which means back to work in the morning. I like my work but I also like sitting on my ass on the couch with my dog. Anyway, here's what's been up this past week:

1. I had food poisoning. Like the want to die kind. I had a short 12 hour stint of food poisoning this summer while on vacation with Corey. Unfortunately it was the 12 hours we spent wandering Stanley Park and Granville Island in Vancouver so one of the worst possible times for it to happen. It went away just in time for me to eat some amazing raw fish. Perfect thing to eat after FOOD POISONING, right? Anyhow, I missed a couple days of work so the last three days of the work week consisted of trying to catch up.

2. My dog had surgery. He had a cyst in his face which turned out to be cancer. They got it all out of his face but I am having him e-rayed next month when he's comfortable again to rule out any spreading. He is now wearing a cone and it won't come off for another five days. He kind of looks like a pilgrim with a bonnet or a small satellite dish. He also kind of hates me. I bought him a bunch of goodies at Petco because they had a massive Halloween sale and everything was so cheap. Basically this was just full on bribery but that's okay when all parties involved are happy right? He's been getting me back for the cone though by bashing me in the legs with it every single chance he gets. My legs are bruised up to my knees. Thanks, Roger.

3. Today I am feeling productive. I am writing a blog post. I washed my mother's car (well, I didn't but I paid someone to so it's the same thing really) since it had not been washed in over three years. I am DIY distressing a new pair of jeans. I am also sitting on the couch next to the satellite dish (dog). 

I think I've earned a nap.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Throwback Thursday

Hey guys!

Since Halloween has been a pretty quiet time for me the past couple years (I don't have the energy to do anything and last year I was soooooo sick) it's fun to look at photos from previous years. 

Throwback Thursday posts are always interesting for me to plan because sometimes there are friends that I've been meaning to text/call and I'd forgotten; so it's a good reminder for me to do it. Sometimes there are old friends that I don't really talk to anymore but the memories are definitely still some of my faves and are still nice to look back on. 

This particular Halloween was when I was young enough to have endless amounts of energy. I'd been out almost every single night for the Halloween parties and I had been working crazy hours at (of all places) a Halloween store. You can imagine just how busy things were that week for me all around!

We all carefully arranged a group costume and had planned to go to the Halloween party at Tao but with work schedules and getting ready, we got there way too late. We still had a blast (we looked all kinds of awesome) and it's still one of my favorite Halloween memories. 

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What's Up Wednesdays

It's almost Halloween!

Roger got his costume early this year and while he was a real good sport about putting it on he was more than happy to have it offer after these photos. I think it was the hat. That was probably the most annoying part.

Check out how cute he looks!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday Travel Guide: Oahu- What to Eat

Hey guys!

So my last post in the Tuesday Travel Guide is always food. 

You know how much I love food!

I will preface with this- usually my mom and I try to avoid eating at hotels because hotel food is almost always insanely overpriced and usually just not very good. That said, when you're constantly on the go, sometimes you don't have a big choice so I'm really glad we stayed at a resort that had a ton of food options. My only complaint was that nothing was open close by super late after evening tours so sometimes we didn't get a chance to eat anything before bed. Thank God for hotel room fridges to hold all the local snacks!

Anyway, here's a comprehensive list of where we ate (or at least what I can remember).

This was our first stop our first morning here. The bellhop got really excited when I told her where we were heading so I took that as a really really good sign. The food here was delicious and I'm really glad we filled up a bakery box of goodies for our room to eat on the balcony. 


Our first dinner with Lisa and her mom. Lisa and I had been at the beach and we arranged to meet over here. So close to the water and an amazing sunset view. Also, the ahi was really good. 

I don't remember how we ended up here but I remember we were hungry. There was no wait, we got a table overlooking the beach, and just got a bunch of appetizers and desserts. So yummy and beautiful view.

Wailana Coffee House
This place was really close to the hotel and I really enjoyed their macadamia nut pie and the gigantic slab of kalbi. 

I have loved this place since my first visit and we have one in Vegas but who wants to drive to Fremont Street just for ice cream? So much easier when it's right inside your hotel. 

We totally did the tourist thing. We had a Groupon and it was right down the street from the hotel. 

We walked a few miles to get here and it was hot but this really was worth the long walk. This place was delicious. There was a line and this was our first shaved ice ever so we had some time to figure out what we wanted. 

We found this place downtown when we were wandering the area and I really wanted shaved ice. The owner was wonderful and kept offering me more condensed milk for my mountain of shaved ice. Really good and great service.

We didn't have a chance to go to the actual Alan Wong restaurant but this place was pretty delicious. Some of the best salmon I have ever had.

So when we were at Ala Moana, I really didn't care about the shopping- just the food. I could have spent all day at that food court. They literally had just about every kind of food you could want. 

I think this is the biggest exception to my "eating at my hotel" rule. I love this place. We always come here for huge bowls of shrimp tempura udon noodles and it's always good. For some reason, it's never super crowded so it's a great convenient option at the hotel. 

Not really a recommendation but if you're staying here and want a spot by the beach for food, it works. The food wasn't great but the view and the atmosphere is really nice. Definitely overpriced since it's right on the beach inside the hotel and gets filmed a lot. 


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturdaze and Life Updates

Happy weekend blog world!

So I just noticed my blogging lapse and realized I had exhausted my queued up posts. I'll be honest, this summer was really easy to get posts scheduled out really far because I had so much time on my hands when I wasn't working. Now that I'm working way more hours than before, it's gotten a bit difficult to keep up. Mostly because when I get home at night, I'm exhausted. 

My first few weeks at my new job were a HUGE adjustment because I am not a morning person by ANY means. Waking up at 6AM half the week has been like a life change. I started drinking coffee constantly (I know, that's not good) and just slowed down a couple weeks ago once I started getting used to the early hours. So much pumpkin spice creamer was used.

The last couple of weeks after I got more adjusted, I've actually been going out and doing weekend things. Going to concerts, brunch, usual weekend activities. It's kind of cool!

For the next few months I'm going to try and stay consistent but will definitely be posting less. I'm sure you guys need a break from my incessant chatter anyway, right???

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Throwback Thursday

It's Throwback Thursday!

Not a whole lot going on here but I did want to share this super funny pic of Roger in his Halloween costume last year (or was it the year before). His first Halloween he was a devil and then the next few Halloweens were spent as a hot dog. He wasn't crazy about those buns (no pun intended). The skeleton suit was a bit big and this year he's got something new (yay!). 

Love my little weirdo!

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