Jetsettin Daisy: December 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

I had mixed feelings about 2013.
A lot of crappy stuff happened. I lost my grandmother. I lost my best friend, Angel. Marc and I have been on and off for the better part of the year and I'm ready for us to get out of this rut and learn how to settle things like adults without calling it quits every time things go sour.
That said, I've gotten to travel like crazy, meet some awesome people, and do a lot of great things. I've gotten to visit friends and really learned how to travel alone and be okay with that. I got to see friends that I don't see much and visit with my favorite cousins a lot more than usual.
I loathe new year's resolutions, but here are some things I would like for 2014. 
I would like to keep traveling and I have definite plans to do that. And not just the West Coast this time. New York, Miami, and Nashville are hopefully somewhere in that mix. 
I want to be less insecure.
I want my relationship to be in a stable place.

I need to declutter. I have so much junk. UGH.

I should probably save some money for something OTHER than travel. Probably.

Since I have some time before I have to do anything tonight, I am blogging. Big shocker. :)

Jess at The Artsy Cajun tagged me in this fun post so I thought I would share it with y'all. I did a similar post a while back but I really liked the context of this one.

1. When did you first start blogging and why?

My first blog post was April 2013, I just bought the domain name and really didn't start blogging regularly until August 2013. The reason why I started is because Facebook was changing so much all the time, I really wanted to (and still do) cancel it so I control my own privacy settings while still keeping in contact with people. And we had just moved from Hawaii, got out of the Army, and had been on a trip to Europe, so I had to have a way to share that!

2. Have you had any past online presence?

I've been all over the internet. I've been in all the usual social networks and also popped up in some weird places. I think the weirdest place I found myself was on a celebrity gossip site on the red carpet with Nina Dobrev. So random. I remembered a photographer asking for my name so imagine my surprise when it was printed along with the photo. WEIRD.

3. When did you become serious about your blog?

I've tried so many blogs and none of them have ever stuck. I really wanted to keep something going and this time I actually decided to commit from the start. I'm amazed I've managed this long. 

4. What was your first blog post?

Just like everyone else's first blog post! Except I mentioned that this was my… fifth blog?

5. What have been your biggest challenges blogging?

The everyday blogging. I love posting when something cool or funny or interesting happened or I took some great photos but the everyday stuff feels weird to blog about because I feel too self centered talking about random day to day things. v

6. What is the most rewarding thing about blogging?

Meeting so many great people! Everyone has been so nice and welcoming. When I used to do reviews for Examiner, I got nasty comments ALL the time. I had a budget column and people would complain when they didn't like my write up and it was so hurtful. I haven't gotten any weird creepy comments like that so far (knock on wood) and everyone has been awesome!

7. What is the most discouraging thing about blogging?

Sometimes I have those emo moments where I feel really insignificant because the internet is so big… And then I take a nap and snap out of it. 

8. What is your lasting inspiration or motivation?

I honestly don't know. I know that sounds awful, but I really don't.

9. What is your blogging dirty little secret?

I'm with Jess on this one! I blog ahead and fill my schedule just to make sure I have some days off to do the things I blog about. Actually, that's how I got through most of December.

10. What is your current goal as a blogger?

Make more friends and learn more interesting things from all these amazing bloggers! 

11. Have you learned or become passionate about anything through blogging that caught you by surprise? 

The actual blogging itself. I've never been great with putting through on paper. I've never had diaries or journals before because I have no patience for it! But I've found that I really enjoy this and it's become a huge part of my life. 

Who wants to go next? Comment and I'll tag you! I'd love to see your responses to the questions!!!!!

I hope you all have a safe and happy new year! Hurray for 2014! It better be a good one. :-D

Thursday, December 26, 2013

NFR 2013 Detour- FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE (My Birthday!) Part 1

I'm splitting this into a few posts because the trip feels like a few different chapters. I'll start with my fave part, though- the meet and greet.

After an hour of waiting outside to get into the venue (seriously, Reno Events Center???? Not cool), I checked in at the booth and got my VIP pass, ticket, signed tour poster (I love these because they look like art pieces and not posters), and a HUGE FGL belt buckle. 

Made my way upstairs to the VIP Lounge and upon seeing the cluster of people crowding the stage (apparently unaware that the meet and greet was before the show), I lined up for the meet and greet instead. That worked out perfectly since they had me at the front of my group (meaning I could stand wherever I wanted). 

Chatting with Tyler and Brian was super fast, but they were both really sweet guys and wished me a happy birthday and Tyler and I chatted a bit about our hometowns (which are an hour from each other). 

The acoustic set was so awesome. So worth the trip and the $ just for this.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Y'all!

Hope everyone has a wonderful blessed holiday season!
I'm sitting at home watching Christmas specials with my Puggle in his Grinch shirt.
I don't have a tree (because Roger would eat it) but here's some snarky Christmas joy: - Sending paperless Christmas cards is a great way to feel better about the murdered tree in your living room

Sunday, December 22, 2013

NFR 2013- ACA After Party

After Party Time!

So I was gonna do a birthday dinner after the show. I found better things to do and cancelled it. People are flaky and rather than deal with that bull, I decided to do something that I really wanted to do and everyone else can choose to come or not. At (almost) 28, I'm kind of done with birthday celebrations and trying to get together with people for that stuff (if it's my own). If you're really my friend, I see you because you make the time and effort too. If not, well, whatever. I've got too much to do to care at this point. I've instituted a three strike rule. Three flakes (and lame reasons that sound fake) and I stop inviting you places unless it's big group outings and I don't care if you show up either way. Extra invites if I'm drinking and won't notice either way.

Anyway, end rant. After party! Becca and I decided to hit up the ACA after party since last year we didn't and I really really really regret that (FGL hosted and how was I supposed to know that I would LOVE them so much??? I wasn't listening to them yet). While we haven't heard much of Parmalee, we saw the "and special guests" part and something told me we needed to go. Now I know why.

Special guests mean Tyler Hubbard super drunk and dancing on the stage with a bottle of Fireball. And then wandering around the stage while Parmalee played. So epic. I lost my voice. Need it back. Craziness. Here are pics.

BTW I probably should have taken more pics of Parmalee than Tyler but… yeah.

Linking up with the Monday Mingling Link Up!

And remember, if you like the blog, swing by my FB page! :-) 

Friday, December 20, 2013

NFR 2013- American Country Awards

I love the American Country Awards.

Of course, I love ALL country music awards shows but this is one of the two that I actually get to go to every year. Everyone always gets the awards confused and they think there's only one but there are in fact like FOUR. The first one is in April and that's the ACMs (Academy of Country Music Awards); then the CMT (Country Music Television) Awards in June around CMA Fest, then the CMA (Country Music Association) Awards in like November, and then the ACAs (American Country Awards) in December during NFR. Not that anyone really cares but I felt like I needed to clear that up!

I didn't think this year's show was as good as last year (when Luke AND Jason both performed) BUT Florida Georgia Line performed and frankly, they could make a terrible show amazing so yay. So it was a great show. Even though we didn't get to see Luke shake it.

The show opened with Lady Antebellum and they were fantastic (as always) which makes me extra super excited to see them next month! They always do the best shows and I can't wait to see them up close in Salt Lake!

Luke won the first award. Big shocker. He's awesome.

Darius Rucker and Sheryl Crow.

Jake Owen did a set too and it was fabulous. His songs always remind me of summer. Kinda funny when it's 35 outside.

Thomas Rhett and Kellie Pickler are wonderful.

Of course I had to take a pic of Chris even though he was just presenting.

LeAnn Rimes did an amazing performance; she really has a great voice but I just don't like her. You can't do obnoxious things and think it's okay and that people will look the other way.

Brad Paisley. Love him.

Justin Moore. Love his twang.

And my faves. No words.

It's funny when all the country stars are roaming around the casino. Becca ran into Thomas Rhett outside the bathroom. Then we passed Thompson Square and Kellie Pickler. It's pretty cool when you've met these artists and know what nice people they are. I've yet to meet a country singer with a bad attitude.

By now you're probably sick of seeing my posts in your feed. I'm sorry. Stay tuned for my after party post!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NFR 2013- Chris Young

Ummmmm... So everyone knows how I feel about Chris Young...
Except maybe Marc.
WHAT A SHOW. I love that man. He's awesome. This is my 6th Chris Young show and they are always just soooooo good. I was tired, not feeling well, and people around were tall and kinda smelly. Was convinced I would leave halfway through the show but I only left a little early (gotta beat traffic). He played a bunch of great tracks off the new record and all the old faves.
Love him so much.

I found this cool link-up today and decided to try it out!

This or That Link Up

Celebrity Christmas carol remakes, Chipmunk carol remakes?
Celebrity. Those damn chipmunks give me a headache. And besides, is there anything better than Chris Young singing O Holy Night??? Um, no.
Gift cards, gift baskets?
Cards because there's always that one weird box of something in a gift basket that nobody is going to eat ever and it'll sit there for three months before anyone throws it out.
Naughty or Nice?
There's a time and place for both!
Getting everything on your wish list, Giving someone everything on their wish list?
I think it depends on the wish list. I love giving but that said, my wishlist is usually wants for other people because frankly, anything I'd want for myself, I can buy for myself.
Present on Christmas Eve, Presents on Christmas morning?  
My family always did it on Christmas Eve which works even better now because I like to sleep in on Christmas Day and then Christmas morning ends up being Christmas afternoon. lol
Today I'm also linking up with Karly Kim and Glossy Blonde!
Glossy Blonde

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Social

I'm attempting to rest now that the rodeo is over. Also assembling posts for the month. I couldn't help but post this pic now from my birthday!
Another of my fave link-up!
Sunday Social
1. What is your favorite Holiday Movies/TV Specials?
The CMA Country Christmas Special and Love Actually (which I watch all year anyway).
2. Do you do any volunteering during the holidays if so what?
If not what would you do?

I feel bad because people in Vegas get really hostile during the holidays so I usually hole up in my house and just donate money every chance I get. If I was going to volunteer, I would want to do it at the animal shelter. Not sure how much help I would be with all the Benadryl I'd have to take, but that's what I would want to do most.
3. What is your favorite toy received as a child for the holidays?
 I got this gorgeous bike when I was like 8 I think. I had asked for it for months and I didn't see it on Christmas morning until my dad sent me upstairs to get him socks. The bike was on the landing; he had hidden it in our creepy attic (the one place he knew I would NEVER go).
4. What was your must have item in high school for the holidays? 
 I didn't actually GO to high school since I was home-schooled for the 3.5 years it took me to complete grades 8-12... But since I was home so much, we really went all out with our decorations since we knew those were our last few years in that house before we moved (even though we didn't know where we would move yet).
5. What do you do on Christmas Eve? If you are Jewish what does your family do for Hanukkah?
 We always have a nice dinner. Granted, in recent years it's take-out because I work but it's always nice. And we watch movies. Usually Harry Potter.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Charities...

So a lot of people have a favorite charity that they like to support and refer people to, especially during the holidays.
I got my best friend at the Atlanta Humane Society shortly after new year about 14 years ago. So many dogs get abandoned after the holidays and that is just so depressing! My favorite organization is the Mutt Nation Foundation. I love dogs more than people (well most people). Founded by Miranda Lambert, the foundation raises money to build animal shelters and help save all these wonderful dogs. I've encouraged my friends and family to donate in lieu of gifts this year. Anything I want to buy that isn't expensive I can afford. I'd rather see dogs get new homes.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cheers to the New Year Link Up!

First off... TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!
Since nobody I know could make it, I am seeing Florida Georgia Line tonight alone. That said, I splurged on VIP. Hey, it's my birthday after all.

Onto the Cheers to the New Year Link Up! We're looking back at April, May, and June 2013.
Peach State of Mind

April is always one of my FAVORITE months because it's ACM time. If you know me (or have read my blog), you know that my two fave times of the year are the first weekend of April (ACM) and the first two weekends of December (NFR and ACA). This year I got to hang out with some of my fave country stars (Chris Young, Thompson Square) and go to some of the best shows. I also made my first overnight roadtrip to San Diego with my travel buddy Amanda which was so much fun we've been doing this ever since!

May was the first time I really started traveling alone. Because of that, I thought it would be fun to start another blog since the first several blogs were forgotten pretty fast. I'm amazed that I've managed to keep this thing going and that there are actually people reading and following and commenting. Thank you all so much for making me feel welcome in the blog world!!!!

So in May, I wanted to visit with my awesome friends in the Bay so I made a four day trip out there. You can read all about it here, here, here, and here! Oh and I got to meet James Franco. lol And then made a day trip to LA with my two Ms and experienced getting a car towed for the first time (not mine).

June started off pretty crappy when I lost my sweet Angel. They got a little better when two of my country girls and I made the trek out to Chula Vista to see Tim McGraw. A weekend jaunt to San Diego does wonders for the mood! Amanda and I also took our second roadtrip out to Scottsdale for a pretty inexpensive "luxe" girl getaway.

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