Jetsettin Daisy: July 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vancouver Day 4

So sad that my trip had come to an end! I slept in since I had packed the night before. The front desk out my bag in the storage locker for me while I wandered a bit.

I only made one Tim Horton stop the whole trip! Crazy! I had to get my Timbit fix though and I ended up taking most of them home. I wandered back to Canada Place and Gastown for souvenirs before realizing I had kind of run out of things to do.
Nykky and I met up for one last lunch (sniffle) at Rogue before I headed back to the hotel for my bag. 
I had booked only one thing my entire trip which was afternoon tea at the Fairmont along with a visit to the art gallery. I checked my bag at Fairmont and wandered through the while gallery before catching my tea. The spread was fairly traditional but delicious. One of the best and most attentive teas I've had; however, nothing will ever to Goring for food, ambiance, and service. Still, Fairmont was definitely better than the ones I've tried in the States.

After tea I headed to the Skytrain station to catch the train to YVR. I play safe, I had allotted three hour since it was international. It took me one hour to get from downtown Vancouver to my gate at the airport. Everything was very organized.

I had such a wonderful time in Vancouver with my amazing friends! Two of them are getting marred and one of them is having another little girl! I couldn't be happier for these great friends that I randomly picked up at a bar! :-P I can't wait to come back!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vancouver Day 3

On day tree Nykky and I made the same morning arrangement. This time I went to Finch's for breakfast. From here Nykky gave me a mini Twigeek tour!
We first visited the Cullen's house. It did not appear to have any residents thankfully so I didn't feel so bad admiring it from the car for a couple minutes. I just adore the trees in BC, the air isso much   cleaner than home! 

After this we went to Whytecliff Park which was apparently used for Bella's cliff diving scene. While we couldn't find the exact cliff in the movie, we spent some great time here since it was a beautiful day and the cliffs were lovely. We did a little climbing and the view was gorgeous.

By now we were getting pretty hungry so we stopped at Soirette for some macarons to tide us over until lunch. We decide on Chinatown and Nykky is so awesome that she had already printed out the walking tour! So cool!

We hit up all the major tourist points and had lunch at Maxim before grabbing some goodies from the bakery downstairs. I love Maxim restaurants and their custard tarts are pretty great.

We did a bit more wandering and ten hit up another Japanese discount store. I wig we had some back home since I am obsessed with their beauty products and travel items! The slippers I got at Daiso were perfect for the shared hotel bathroom!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at English Bay walking along the beach and grabbing dinner at Milestones. Crazy that my trip went by so fast!

More to come on day four...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Vancouver Day 2

For my second day in town, Nykky had told me to let her know when I was getting ready so she could head down. It would take her about an hour. During that time I decided to check out Thierry Patisserie nearby since I had heard they had great macarons. For me, vacation means it's okay to have macarons for breakfast.

After eating I wandered down to Canada Place and happened by Fairmont Pacific Rim where Cory Monteith had recently passed. So sad to see all the flowers and news crews. Nykky found me around here and showed me to the Olympic torch and brick whale before we drove back to Langley.

Once in Langley we met up with Tara and Erica to go to Cultus Lake. The drive there was really nice; mountains and farms all around. We spent the afternoon chatting about Tara's wedding and chasing around the geese by the water.

Once Nykky and I headed back to downtown, we hit up Gastown and Yaletown for some tourist time. We grabbed dinner at Glowbal for Robert Pattinson's beloved Kobe meatballs (which were pretty great) and Chill Winston for dessert. I got to see the steam clock in Gastown and happen by Blood Alley as well. 

This was my latest night out and we didn't even go clubbing! I actually got some sleep this trip... More to come soon...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vancouver Day 1

So sadly I am home from my latest jaunt. I left Monday to visit my awesome friends in Vancouver and had the most awesome time!

My friend Tara picked me up from the airport. We made a quick stop at Daiso since I was itching to go after discovering there was one right in Richmond. After that we went to Stanley Park. I've been to Stanley Park once before; however, we hasn't stopped and it was just a quick drive through. Tara showed me the lookout points, beaches, and the Totem Poles as well. 

From here we hit up Granville Island. We wandered through the markets a bit and had an awesome lunch at Edible Canada. I had wanted to check out Beaucoup Bakery and we accidentally found it when we were lost. Amazing pistachio raspberry macaron!!!


Since a couple of my friends couldn't venture out to Vancouver after work, Tara brought me back to their hometown, Langley. Along the way we made a stop at New York Fries for my first Poutine. Deliciousness!!!

We grabbed dinner near west beach since the girls knew I love being near the water. I had no idea that Vancouver had so many great beaches!!! The weather was warm and sunny which I was not expecting at all. Every single one of my Vancouver friends made it out that evening and it was awesome!!! My first day in town was such a blast!

My hotel was way better than I expected! I got a room for around $225 for three nights at Kingston Hotel B&B. The room was larger and I had come prepared knowing there was no air conditioner, the bathroom was down the hall, and there was construction. With all that in mind, my stay was perfectly fine.

Anyway, more to come on day two...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Is it vacation time yet?

So I am getting ready for my next adventure! This time I am going cheap and easy. I booked a B&B that had AMAZING reviews and great rates. I have never stayed anywhere with a shared bathroom, though, so I'm curious to see how this pans out. In preparation, I have packed the following:

  • Lysol wipes
  • Lysol spray
  • Disposable slippers
  • Extra dry shampoo
  • Spa towelettes (like the extra fancy moist towelettes)
  • The tiniest hair dryer I have ever seen
  • Lots of extra toilet seat covers
I did a hair smoothing treatment beforehand that's supposed to cut down on styling and drying time... We shall see if it actually works! I am waxing so I don't have to worry about excess razor burn... The room has a sink though, which helps. The property has hair dryers and irons on hand by request but I know when I get there I won't want to request things so I figured it'd be better to take care of that stuff now. Which reminds me, I need to pack my wrinkle releaser! I figure having to make use of a shared bathroom will be great practice for staying at the marina with Marc next month... A learning experience!

Meanwhile I am bookmarking things on Yelp. I have picked a great location near shopping and by a train station that goes directly to the airport. I have only planned one thing for the entire trip- my afternoon tea. Everything else I am leaving up to the girls since my sole reason for going is to visit my friends on their hometurf! I'm going to have a blast no matter what and this time, it'll be pretty inexpensive. I think my hotel and airfare together was under $600 for three nights and four days.

Is it time to go yet?????

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kellie Pickler

So my friend and I decided a few months ago to check out the Kellie Pickler concert that was on Friday night. It was at the Silverton which has a fairly small venue so we knew it would be a more intimate show and we splurged a bit and did the meet and greet package which gave us seats in the center of the first and second rows. I've never seen one of her shows so I wasn't sure what to expect.

We got seated pretty quickly since there was a separate VIP line. About 30 minutes before the show, they escorted our rows into a private room for the meet and greet. Kellie is just the cutest sweetest person! Like most meet and greets, they had a private photographer but instead of making the photos available online, they had them printed and ready by the end of the show. I got to chat with her for a bit and she signed my ticket for me.

The show was awesome. Kellie is a great performer and very personable. She stopped and chatted with the audience after almost every song and goofed off the whole show which made it a lot of fun. She did a couple covers and all of her hits and even dedicated a song to the couple next to us who was celebrating their 53rd anniversary.

Friday, July 12, 2013


My best friend Melissa and I are complete boyband geeks. We always have been and we probably always will be. We went and saw NKOTBSB (that's New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys) when they came to Vegas and though we weren't huge NKOTB fans, we agreed that they put on an awesome show and we would see them the next time they were in town. So when tickets went on sale for their show last Saturday, we got them.
The show was pretty awesome. The first act in the tour was Boyz II Men. Melissa has seen them perform a number of times but I hadn't. Such a fun opener since they performed all familiar songs.
Next was 98 Degrees. I've never seen the group live; however, I had seen Jeff Timmons solo a number of times when he was hosting for my friends over at Chippendales and he is just the nicest guy ever. They also performed all the familiar songs too so there wasn't anything we hadn't heard before which was nice.

I know it's super geeky but I don't care. NKOTB was AMAZING!!! I loved the stage configuration since it rotated and was more central so there really wasn't a single bad view in the house!

The after party was pretty cool; however, I absolutely loathe Pure Nightclub. It's always overly crowded and insane. I don't like having to scrub my legs to get off the drinks that were spilled all over me at the end of a night out. Overall, the night was awesome.

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