Jetsettin Daisy: June 2017

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Treat Beauty

Good morning!

I'm not going to lie, when it comes to lip balms, I'm a hoarder. I collect every single one I can find that looks good in almost every flavor. I have chronically dry lips and when I get stressed, they get worse. Ever since I was a kid, when it's dry, they crack and bleed like crazy. After a while, I started wearing darker lip colors to try and cover the cuts! So sad.

I had seen ads on Facebook for Treat Beauty and was drawn to the packaging first. The cute presentation and the delicious scents were a huge plus for me. What I wasn't expecting was a great long-lasting hydration in a massive tube. I have the Confetti Cake scent and I'm obsessed with it. I love anything that tastes or smells like cake. Even better, the balms are waxy and not sticky. They sink into your lips but leave them feeling moisturized long after you've applied it. That jumbo tube is going to last me through most of the summer and I cannot wait! It's especially great right before bed so I can wake up with smooth flake-free lips!

I want one of these jumbo balms in every single flavor and I can't wait to try some of the other goodies that Treat Beauty makes!

Thank you so much for sending us these amazing lip balms, Treat Beauty! We love them! 
As usual, all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer Skin & Air Repair

Hey guys!

If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that I recently held a big event for the local blogger and influencer community here in Vegas. Today, I wanted to tell you a little more about one of our sponsors, Air Repair, who is actually one of my favorite skincare brands.

I got my first taste of Air Repair two summers ago when their Complexion Boosting Moisturizer turned up in my Birchbox. It was perfect timing because I was set to embark on a couple very long travel days and I wanted a moisturizer that could keep up with that horrible airplane air. Air Repair seriously lived up to their name and I landed 30 hours later with skin better than when I had left!

Ever since then, I've been a huge fan of Air Repair. This time of year, when it's often 110 degrees in Las Vegas, my skin is on a complete rollercoaster all summer long. While it's usually a bit counterintuitive to use a heavier moisturizer when you're going to sweat it off, I still reach for my Complexion Boosting Moisturizer every single day. I usually use it as a night treatment each night to let my skin absorb the moisture overnight. On those days when the sun feels like it's causing extra dryness and my skin feels a bit tight, I use just a dab in the afternoons. It never fails to get my skin back to a healthy, perky state! It's a staple in my evening routine all year round.

Air Repair was insanely generous to us when I reached out last month and asked if they would like to sponsor our soiree. They sent me a whole package of Complexion Boosting Moisturizers to share with the ladies and I was so thrilled to give my girls a chance to try out the amazing moisturizing power of Air Repair! Thank you so much to Julia and the Air Repair team!

While Air Repair provided free products for myself and the ladies who attended the event, I've been a fan for over two years and all opinions are my own!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Vegas Lifestyle Influencers- Culinary Dropout

Blogging can be a lonely place.

When it's just you and your computer, it can sometimes feel like there's nobody else there. Even for a shut-in, that can get pretty lonely. Everyone online says "find your tribe" to combat the loneliness and while that's great sound advice, it's not always that easy. So when I couldn't just find a tribe, I decided to create on of my own.

Vegas Lifestyle Influencers started as me and a couple blogger babes mourning over the fact that there wasn't a real set blogger community for girls like us. We don't have a ton of followers, we don't have a specific niche, we just blog. We knew there were others like us out there but we didn't know how to find them. So one day, like a mad woman, I started messaging local bloggers and influencers on Instagram. There were a couple snooty responses, several non-responses, but a whole lot of girls who wanted the same thing as we did- a community for the everyday blogger or influencer.

A week ago I orchestrated our very first Vegas Lifestyle Influencers event. I reached out to one of my favorite restaurants, Culinary Dropout, and some fabulous brands that I love- Air Repair, Treat Beauty, and Peridot Sweets to provide goodies for our swag bags.

I'm so happy with how everything turned out- we had a dozen girls who came out to mix, mingle, and eat some great food. We even had a photographer handy to capture all the action (Tyler Mills) which made it so much easier for all of us to just hang out and not get too caught up in taking pictures of everything (and there were so many awesome things to photograph too).

I was super happy with everything we got for our swag bags- First off, these AMAZING cake pops from Peridot Sweets. The owner, Tiffany, provided us with the cutest little sugar rush in the form of gorgeous, shimmery cake pops in our banner's colors! I think some of the girls may have used them as a pre-meal appetizer (I know I did) because they were to die for. I've been a huge fan of Peridot Sweets for quite some time because I love supporting local businesses and the bakery is just adorable. Everything I've ever tried there has been delicious. If you live in Vegas, go check them out!
You won't be sorry!

Culinary Dropout sent out so many platters of amazing appetizers from charcuterie plates to shrimp & chicken skewers, pretzel rolls with cheddar sauce, ribs, smoked salmon, bruschetta, fries, kale salad, and rounds of drinks. They even topped off our delicious meal with some piping hot monkey bread and ice cream. Everything was SO GOOD.

All photos below were taken by Tyler Mills.

Such a fun and fabulous group of blogger babes! I'm so happy to have finally met some of these amazing girls!

Thank you so much to Culinary Dropout Las Vegas and Fox Restaurant Concepts for our amazing meal! As usual, all opinions are my own!

Monday, June 26, 2017

24 Hours in Temecula

Welcome to a new 24 Hour Guide! 

Today, we're visiting Temecula. I had a great time visiting some time ago with my good friend, Lara. It was a super quick trip but we covered so much ground and still had a ton of time to relax and have a great time while drinking wine and eating some delicious food!

Where to Stay
I feel weird saying this but we stayed at the nicest looking La Quinta I have ever seen when we were in Temecula. Since we were just there for one night, we didn't want to splurge and we weren't planning on spending a ton of time in the room. We were very pleasantly surprised with the easy location and comfortable room. Everything was clean, the lobby was actually pretty nice, and the service was great. 

What to Do
Clearly, you're going to be drinking wine! After all, it's wine country. 

Europa Village- We had to leave town super early to get here in time for this tour. The winery is gorgeous and since we figured we would be hungry, we booked the tour with the box lunch. This was the only winery where we got to walk around a lot and enjoy the vineyards. The weather was perfect and the vineyards here are extensive so we got some amazing photos. The tour had us walking through the different sections and doing tastings at each which was a lot of fun and once we hiked to the top, the view was spectacular. We even got a cute stemless glass to take home!

Lorimar Winery- We were a little bummed because our tour got rained out. We did wander the grounds a little bit and to make up for it, we got an upgraded tasting with chocolate and cheese and some meat. We camped out in the tasting room and just drank for a while and enjoyed all the cheese (it was delicious cheese). This actually turned out to be a fun stop even without the tour!

Briar Rose Winery- We didn't get to take the tour or do the tasting and we were pretty bummed because this place was the cutest! We did stop for photos though because it's gorgeous!

Make sure to wander Old Town Temecula as well! There are some great shops, cafes, and lots of great places to take photos! It's a fun afternoon stroll, especially when the weather is nice!

Where to Eat

Vineyard Rose- This restaurant is located at the South Coast Winery and we had such a great meal. We both got the prime rib specials and some glasses of delicious wine. Service was really good and our meals were amazing. We got to walk around the parking lot and take lots of photos too because the property is really beautiful! There were lots of gorgeous flowers and fountains!

Crush & Brew- This was the perfect rainy day restaurant because they have so much comfort food. The menu has changed since our visit but the service was OUTSTANDING and everything we ate was amazing. We enjoyed the rain while eating some delicious food; great way to spend a lunch hour!

Mo's Egg House- We got into town earlier than expected because there was absolutely no traffic so we had time to stop for breakfast. This place has a huge menu and it was pretty packed which is always a good sign! Everything was delicious! We figured it was best not to start our wine trip off with empty stomachs, right?

Incr-Edible Cupcakes- We wandered in from the main drag and found a cupcake haven. We got a fun variety of cupcakes to enjoy in our room because we like having snacks for the times we just want to veg out and enjoy our comfy hotel beds. These cupcakes were so yummy!


Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Weekend in Pensacola- What to Eat

One of the things I love about Pensacola is the abundance of seafood. In fact, it's really one of my favorite things about the gulf coast, period.

Flounder's Chowder House is a great spot right in the touristy area. It's easy to find; however, the wait times can be a bit crazy. The selection of fresh seafood is really awesome and I've never tried anything here that wasn't absolutely delicious. The restaurant is right off the water and it's really fun and comfortable.

McGuire's Irish Pub is one of the few non seafood places that I really enjoy here. It's got a lot of cool stuff on the walls and the ceiling (like all the dollar bills everywhere). The food is really really good (especially those Boxtys and the root beer if you're not a drinker). This place has even been on the Food Network! You can't miss it; the building really stands out.

I stopped by Jaco's Bayfront Bar and Grille once on a gorgeous day and got to sit in a nice spot overlooking the water. The food is really good and the ambiance was wonderful. I stopped here for a cocktail and some dessert after a lot of walking around the downtown area and it's right by the end of the Palafox Pier.

Al Fresco is the first Airstream food park I've ever been to. I'm a huge Airstream fan (we had one when I was a teenager and I loved it) and I love food trucks. The selection has changed a bit since my last visit but it's a fun spot (lunchtime does get pretty crowded so time appropriately) and it's right downtown! Definitely worth a stop!

The Oar House is a fun place to stop that's a little further from the downtown and beach areas but has a fun vibe. There's a large bar area outdoors and it's right on the water. You can actually take a dinghy over and park it at the dock right outside. There is plenty of outdoor seating where you can admire the boats and the menu is extensive.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Weekend in Pensacola- What to Do

I love a good beach. I'm not great at sitting still and just relaxing but I really love the beach. There are plenty of beaches in Pensacola but there's quite a few other things to do if sand isn't really your thing.

The Naval Aviation Museum is a great way to spend a day. It's on the base so you do have to go through security but cabs can go in and out to pick up and drop off. The museum is pretty large and there are plenty of great exhibits for all ages. I didn't get to stay too long because it was a stormy afternoon when I visited but I had a lot of fun. Stop by the Cubi Bar Cafe for lunch; it's a restaurant and an exhibit with lots of cool displays!

I love that Pensacola has a cute, small, historic downtown area. It's easy to navigate and filled with the cutest shops, restaurants, and parks. You can find a ton of historic plaquards for the older buildings and there are even a number of museums in the area. You can also hunt the downtown area for all of the brightly painted pelicans.

In addition to the many nautical things you can do in the Pensacola area, this part of Florida is right next to Alabama. Less than an hour away are a ton of farms which are especially fun in the fall! You can find pumpkin patches, cornfield mazes, and little markets at a number of these spots. 

I know I mentioned having spent most of my time in pensacola on the water and if you're looking for just a little afternoon sailing excursion, companies like Condor Sailing Adventures provide short guided tours so you really don't have to do anything. On the flip side, if you want something more educational or would like an actual lesson, Lanier Sailing Academy offers a variety of options.

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