Jetsettin Daisy: August 2017

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Vegas Lifestyle Influencers- Margaritaville

Immediately after the Culinary Dropout dinner I put together for the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers, I started planning another event. Since it's the dead of summer and we're in the desert, I thought it would be fun to have a tropical beach bash theme and maybe trick us all into believing we weren't in the desert for just a couple of hours.

I don't know if my scheme worked but I do know that we all had a great time! Margaritaville Las Vegas at the Flamingo Las Vegas graciously hosted our event and sent out an array of really delicious appetizers (nachos, crab dip, spring rolls, and the most delicious shrimp) along with rounds of tropical cocktails. The ambiance was fabulous- we had a great set-up right behind a row of "boats". 

We got some fun summer swag items that were perfect for the beach! Verb Haircare sent us some awesome shampoo/conditioner packs designed for summer hair. Coola Suncare sent a selection of fabulous products to keep us safe from the sun. Modern Siren Boutique sent over some of the most gorgeous handmade jewelry ever--and I'm not usually a jewelry fan! To make things even more festive, I used a bright yellow tulle to wrap up the goodies and used a homemade hair flower to clip the pouch together with green tissue leaves to mimic a pineapple. I think it worked out pretty well!

 (These top two photos are mine)

It is always so much fun meeting up with the blogger babes in town and this event was no exception! I got to see so many wonderful familiar faces as well as some gorgeous new friends. I cannot believe how quickly this little blogger group I created has grown in just two short months. It really shows how a great community can take root and thrive!

Thank you so much to Margaritaville Las Vegas, Modern Siren, Coola, and Verb for sponsoring our fabulous beach bash dinner! As usual, all opinions are mine. 

All photos by Corey Bond Photography


Friday, August 4, 2017

Dunkin Donuts

Photo by Corey Bond Photography

Okay, has anyone else literally been miserable this summer?

I say this every single year but every summer, I feel like it's hotter than the last summer. Maybe it's global warming or maybe I just like to complain about it. I'm not really sure!

Anyway, Dunkin Donuts hooked me up with some awesome summer swag and I have to say, it made things way more comfortable (and fun)! We've tried ALL of their limited edition iced coffees and let me just say, they're all delicious. I think my favorite was the coconut cream pie flavor! I've also started working a new job and things have been crazy busy so I've been literally running on Dunkin Donuts iced coffee all week.

This pool floaty kicks all the other donut floaties' butts because it's way cuter and sturdier. One thing I learned- don't use a hair dryer to inflate it unless you want to spend an hour trying to inflate it. Also- nebulizers don't inflate floaties. The best advice I got was to go to the places where you get air for your tires. Genius!

I can never have enough cute pool/beach towels and this one takes the cake.

Last, I've been obsessed with the Dunkin Donuts app lately. I hate waiting in lines and gift cards get lost in my bag (I'm still waiting for an old Golden Spoon gift card from seven years ago to turn up). I love that I can load my gift cards into the app and order ahead. They also have some pretty fun bonuses for signing up (I got free coffee wooooooooot).

This post was sponsored by Dunkin Donuts; however, all opinions are my own (I think I've raved about donuts and coffee enough for you guys to know that I love/need them). 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Brunch at Border Grill

I think it's no secret how much I love brunch.

At my longest job, I worked weekends so brunch was just never something I could do. Such a bummer! Now that I have a couple of jobs (really amazing awesome ones), it's kind of funny that I'm off on weekends. I had weekends off at my last job; however, the hours were so long and stressful that I could barely drag myself out of bed on weekends let alone leave the house!

Visits with my cousin, Kristen, are always so much fun and we always love to try new restaurants together. On her most recent visit, we decided to check out Border Grill at The Forum Shops inside Caesar's Palace for their tapas style brunch. It's super reasonable for basically all you can eat small plates and there's even a handy Yelp check-in special!

There were over 20 items on the menu (one secret item of the day) and between four girls, we ordered 14 different things at some point. Everything I tried was amazing from the Tres Leches French Toast to the Steak and Egg. They had so many amazing classic brunch dishes with a Latin flair and some other fun items with a brunch twist. So delicious!

The bread basket had Guava Empanadas! I could have eaten a dozen of these.

Delicious Ceviche of the Day!

Even the Yogurt Parfait was amazing.

Finished the meal with these Churro Tots!

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