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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Chick-Fil-A Momsgiving with 411 Mommas and Las Vegas Moms

Photo from 411 Mommas

First off, Stephanie and I are only DOG MOMS.

And clearly a bit crazy.

Second- this was such a fun event! 

Hosted by 411 Mommas and Las Vegas Moms, the Momsgiving event at Chick-Fil-A was so relaxing and chill; we really had a great time! 

We got to meet some awesome mom bloggers and get to know some bloggers we'd only met a time or two before. Even better, several of the moms are members of our Vegas Lifestyle Influencers group too and we hadn't even gotten to meet them yet! 

We absolutely love connecting with other bloggers of all niches so this was a blast. 

Now, I've been a huge fan of this particular Chick-Fil-A since it opened. I don't make a habit of visiting restaurants on opening day, especially when there's as much hype as there was for Chick-Fil-A (It was the first EVER Nevada location). Even so, I'm a Georgia girl, so I couldn't miss my chance to get my hands on some waffles fries. I put in my order via the Chick-Fil-A One app (my favorite food app, hands down) and when I parked across the lot, I sent in my order. When I walked in the door, they called my name to tell me my order was coming out. So fast and on opening day. It was AMAZING. The staff has always been so friendly and efficient too, from day one.

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Photo from 411 Mommas

The swag at this event was adorable and awesome too! We got some lip balm from Kiss Me Honey (I'm addicted to it), a fidget cube from Zuru Fidget (which would probably help my nervous tapping habits), some brigadeiros from Sweet Fairy (so delicious), some kid snacks from Baby Mum Mum (I'm sending them to my bestie who has the cutest little girl ever), and a bunch of Chick-Fil-A goodies (a chip clip, some gift cards, and a Chick-Fil-A cow that Roger wants to eat for dinner). Last but not least- the 2018 Chick-Fil-A calendar! This calendar is not just a calendar- it comes with a fantastic card that you load onto the One app. Trust me, you'll want this on your app because each month it comes with free goodies at Chick-Fil-A (I cannot wait for 2018 now).

One of the best parts of the afternoon- the raffle prizes. I'd been dying to check out The Donut Bouquet and I won this gorgeous bouquet of, you guessed it, donuts. No joke, these donuts are beautiful and delicious (and they lasted for days). Who needs flowers when you can have donuts???

Check out this video from Stephanie to get the full effect.

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The only hard part was getting them home.

A huge, huge thank you to Chick-Fil-A (on Eastern and Ione), 411 Mommas, and Las Vegas Moms for including us in your fabulous Momsgiving event! 

As usual, all opinions are my own. 

Photo from 411 Mommas

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Vegas Lifestyle Influencers- Ladies Night at Excalibur Las Vegas

Who doesn't love a great Ladies Night???

A couple weeks ago, we brought another group of fabulous blogger babes with us to Thunder From Down Under! They were all "Thunder Virgins", so it was almost as much fun watching their reactions as it was watching the show!

Before we headed to the show, we all met up at Buca di Beppo, which is right next door to the Thunder Showroom. We wanted to get the night started with a fun group dinner and of course, Buca is the perfect place for groups and celebrations!

We were seated in the Pope Room which is a very accurate name for the space because there is literally a Pope statue in the middle of the table's Lazy Susan. The room was the perfect size for our group of eight and the table was perfect for all the amazing food we ordered!

We knew they were expecting us when we walked in!

I put together some little after party swag bags with Biobelle Cosmetics sheet masks (appropriately named After Party), Wish Formula home spa packs, and Violent Lips (because they're adorable).

Our server, Ian, was amazing and got us all started with garlic bread, apple gorgonzola salad, and mozzarella caprese. We loved that there were two of everything on the table because it allowed us to split into two groups to photograph and eat everything!

We had a fabulous round of drinks from their amazing cocktail selection. I had the Buca Bella and asked them to sub the Prosecco with Sprite (I have a bit of an allergy to Prosecco and Champagne). It was peachy and refreshing and delicious! All the cocktails the girls ordered looked amazing. 

For our entrees, we ordered smaller plates of the prosciutto stuffed chicken, quattro al forno, spicy chicken rigatoni, and the linguine frutti di mare. Even with the smaller plates, we had plenty of food to go around! Ian recommended most of our entrees and we loved them all! The quattro al forno was a great way to try out their variety of stuffed pastas and the linquine frutti di mare was definitely my favorite because I love seafood and the pasta was perfect!

Finally, we ordered two dolce platters because we stupidly thought we would all just get a little sampling of each dessert. NOPE. The dolce platters come with four FULL SIZED desserts so be prepared! We got to try the tiramisu, Italian cream cake, chocolate cake, and cheesecake. I can't even pick a favorite because they were all so delicious! 

We headed to the showroom as soon as the doors open and we had one of the best tables in the whole theatre! The Thunder Showroom is quite small and I've always felt like the show is a bit more like a huge bachelorette party than a stage production. 

It's always a good time and everyone has so much fun!

A huge thank you to Buca di Beppo and Thunder From Down Under for hosting our amazing ladies night! Thank you also to Biobelle Cosmetics, Wish Formula, and Violent Lips for our fun ladies night goodies! As always, all opinions are my own.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Holiday Gifting at Downtown Summerlin

This past weekend, I got to be a part of the Downtown Summerlin IT Gifting Event. Organized by Christie Moeller of I Can Style U (she seriously puts together the most amazing events ever), a group of influencers got to crawl through some fabulous locations in Downtown Summerlin and learn about the venues as well as enjoy some of the fun gifts each location has to offer.

We started at Dillard's where we enjoyed a fragrance experience with Jo Malone. Unlike the previous Jo Malone visit, we tested a variety of product types and enjoyed a fun demonstration. We enjoyed a light breakfast and had fun with the body creams and scrubs. We were each gifted a Jo Malone Bath Oil (I got French Lime Blossom and it is such a refreshing scent) and a $50 gift card which I used to gift myself with a Christmas Cracker Set! So cool!!!

Our next stop was Oil & Vinegar. While they certainly sell oil and vinegar, they also have an amazing variety of really amazing gourmet food products. We got to sample all kinds of goodies made with products from the store. We also enjoyed the oil and vinegar bar and tried all different kinds of flavors. The prices are really great and the store has recipes for different kinds of items you can make with the oils and vinegar. So awesome! The best part is that you only have to buy a container once and you can bring it back to refill (they gave us all half off coupons and bottles so we can come back and fill up). I'll be coming back for some of that blackberry vinegar!

Leather Couture was our next stop and this boutique is adorable! There are so many fun accessories and custom pieces. The owner even made us all custom luggage tags!!! So adorable!!!

I love West Elm so I was thrilled it was a stop on the tour! The store is always really cute and does great work with business owners in the community. Our visit on the tour was for the terrarium workshop. They brought out a fun variety of cacti and succulents and showed us some tips and tricks for potting them and keeping them alive (they were definitely much-needed tips, especially in my case). I got the cutest little cactus!

Our next stop was the G Aveda Salon & Spa to try the Aveda tea and learn about the salon. It's a really great space and they host a number of fun events. We all took home some hand cream (which is perfect because I always need hand cream) and got IOUs for 30 minute facials. 
I can't wait to go in for mine!

We wrapped up the day at California Pizza Kitchen and were surprised with a bunch of really fun goodies from shops and restaurants around Downtown Summerlin. We even got some fun Golden Nights gear so we can cheer on our brand new hockey team in style!

A huge thank you to all the vendors and sponsors at Downtown Summerlin who made this event amazing! As usual, all opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide

Can you believe Christmas is next month???

This year, I have the fewest amount of people to shop for which is funny because I have the most gift ideas this year! 

This post contains affiliate links and I will receive a commission if you make a purchase through some of these links. As usual, all opinions are my own!

Restaurant Gift Cards
This is such a perfect time of year to load up on gift cards. So many restaurants, like California Pizza Kitchen, offer bounceback coupons and bonus gift cards. Even if you're just buying a gift for yourself to use later, you can get some amazing extras if you buy gift cards during the holiday season.

Jo Malone Christmas Cracker Set
First off, this set is SO CUTE. Second, it's unisex. Third, it's a great value considering the regular price of Jo Malone products and it's a more economical way of testing out some of their different scents. Their scents are all designed to be layered; read more about that here.

I really like Stila's Liquid Lipsticks. Now, the stay does vary depending on the condition of your lips and sometimes it depends on the color too. That said, they aren't super drying and the colors are beautiful. I got the set that was released last year and I am drooling over this one too!

Have you seen some of the holiday sets at Victoria's Secret? We went in after an event and were there for at least an hour because that's how long it takes five girls to pick out cute lingerie sets! I love all the cute off shoulder sweaters and blouses that are designed to show just a little bit (or a lot) of lace.
Plus- Victoria's Secret is such a great place to load up on fun (and practical) stocking stuffers!

I love Philosophy body care products! This set has so many fun holiday scents AND the matching lip products. Great for keeping winter chapped lips at bay!

We love Ethel M! It's a fabulous local brand with a really amazing location (who doesn't want to visit a chocolate factory) and the chocolate is so delicious. Plus- chocolate every single day on the Advent Calendar? Yes, please! The best part? You get to pick your chocolates!!! 
Read more about our love for Ethel M here!

If you're like me (or know someone who is), your skin gets really stressed during the holidays! This Klairs set has two of my favorite skincare products- the Supple Preparation Face Toner and the Midnight Blue Calming Cream. Read about those products here

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