Jetsettin Daisy: FGL Cruise Part 01

Thursday, December 10, 2015

FGL Cruise Part 01

So I have to say, boarding was much smoother this year.

For one, there was no standing out in the heat for an hour. Also, there was an actual terminal to check in. Always a plus. 

We grabbed a quick lunch at the buffet and then started unpacking before the safety demonstration. After that, we made our way up to the pool deck to find a good spot for the Florida Georgia Line sailaway show.

We did manage a nice spot, definitely better than last year. 

Great show as usual and a different setlist than last year.

So much fun!

 Caught the Raelynn show in the atrium (you know, where most ships keep their piano or champagne waterfall LOL).

 And Dustin Lynch on the pooldeck.

 By the way- there was a theme night every night of the cruise:

Great first night!
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