Jetsettin Daisy: NSPCA Animals in Wonderland at Casa de Shenandoah

Thursday, August 9, 2018

NSPCA Animals in Wonderland at Casa de Shenandoah

I’ve been wanting to go to Casa de Shenandoah for years and was so sad when they closed BUT I still got a peek when the NSPCA event, Animals in Wonderland was hosted on the property!

The event was so much fun and for such a great cause! They had some of the cutest fur babies at the event and I wanted to take them all home!!!

After the welcome reception in the welcome center, we all piled on a shuttle into Casa de Shenandoah.

From here, we hopped onto golf carts that took us to the main house.

This place was beautiful!

We got to tour the inside of the house for a while before stepping outside to the backyard.

The Alice in Wonderland actors were amazing and stayed in character the whole time. 

It was so much fun getting to explore the grounds and take photos of everything and everyone!

The sunset was spectacular and the night was so much fun!!

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