Jetsettin Daisy: London Part 09

Monday, January 12, 2015

London Part 09

I don't even remember the first time I heard about tea at the Berkeley. By now I've seen it on the food network, I've read about it in the Shopaholic books, but I think I originally just randomly came across it years ago in a search for cool teas. 

Of the three afternoon teas we went to, this would be my second favorite after the Goring. Pret-A-Portea is their famous afternoon tea where the desserts and biscuits are all shaped like the season's couture pieces. Fortunately, they're not only beautiful to look at, they're also delicious. There's even a little photo guide to tell you which piece is from which collection and additional photos of the actual clothing and accessories. It's like a foodie blogger's dream.

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