Jetsettin Daisy: LA Roadtrips- Manhattan Beach

Sunday, January 24, 2016

LA Roadtrips- Manhattan Beach

So far there is one benefit to having a boyfriend with a comfy car who likes to drive and hates my driving: I never have to drive on our roadtrips. EVER. I can nap with my stuffed shark and leave my phone on the GPS and that's it. So nice.

This particular trip was a bit rough because we had to wake up around 3AM to leave so that Corey could get his early morning beach shots. It was nice to go somewhere a little warmer since Vegas was a bit more cold than we would have liked. 

We got too the beach later than we wanted but Corey still got some really gorgeous photos and I sat around a took pics with my phone.

 When looking for parking, we got a great surprise- the city of Manhattan Beach was offering free parking at all their typically metered spaces as a way of saying Merry Christmas. How awesome! We also got to wander the beach for a little bit and it was fairly quiet since it was still early. 

After walking around and taking photos, I hit up a couple of boutiques (I got roped into one awesome store where everything was under $16.99 including the coats) and we grabbed breakfast. We picked a cute little spot with an outdoor patio called Uncle Bill's. Great prices and really delicious food. 

We made a couple stops at a few of my area faves (Marukai and Daiso) for some snacks and necessities (black sesame pudding, foot detox things, Hello Kitty marshmallows) before attempting (successfully) to check into our hotel early. After check-in, it was nap time. 

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