Jetsettin Daisy: NFR 2015- Gloriana

Friday, February 5, 2016

NFR 2015- Gloriana

Last year I practically lived at the MGM Grand during Rodeo Season. I saw so many shows in their Gold Buckle Zone that I completely lost count. This year MGM moved their Gold Buckle Zone so it was a little different. It turns out, it was a great change. The event center was so much larger and the set-up was pretty awesome. Loved it.

This was my first country show with Corey (he's not a huge country fan). We got there early so we sat down and had a few drinks first (beer for him, Jello shots for me). 

The space was large and not at all crowded. Front row!

Rachel even threw me a pick.

I just love Gloriana live.

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