Jetsettin Daisy: London Part 02

Monday, November 24, 2014

London Part 02

We spent our first morning in London wandering Kate Middleton's old haunts. We grabbed breakfast at Tom's Kitchen which was adorable and the food was delicious. After this we wandered over to Duke of York Square for my hair appointment at the Richard Ward Salon. I wanted to get a blowout and damn, was that a great decision. I had a student stylist but she was still by far one of the best stylists I've ever had. The salon was adorable and posh with the coolest hair washing station ever (the seats recline for you, none of that adjusting the towel and praying you don't get soaked).

We walked up and down King's Road and explored a little bit before our tea reservation at the Goring. Given this was the hotel where the Duchess of Cambridge stayed the night before her wedding, I expected it to be quite stuffy and was so pleased I was wrong. We have never had such amazing service. During tea, we had two servers who checked on us every few minutes and probably would have happily stirred my tea if I had asked (I'm not that weird LOL). Everyone was extremely helpful and polite and friendly. Unfortunately, our amazing experience at the Goring kind of made everywhere else a little less special because nowhere could possibly top the service or quality. 

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