Jetsettin Daisy: Jet Blue Mint Class VIP Launch

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Jet Blue Mint Class VIP Launch

A few weeks ago, we got to attend a really awesome event for Jet Blue and the launch of their Mint class flights here in Las Vegas (they currently service Los Angeles and New York routes). The event was at the Keeping Memory Alive building which is an amazing architectural piece downtown.

The event was so much fun- we learned about the Mint class and the flight routes that would be offering the experience.

We got to test out their amazing lie-flat seats and see what the flight layout is like.

We sampled foods options that will be served on the flights. For instance, Milk Bar cookies!

The flights will also be serving ice cream from local vendors such as Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches on flights originating from LA.

We tried the Mint signature drink!

We even took home amenities kits from Hayward Luxury & Hopper Goods
These kits are so well equipped and stylish!

Thank you so much, Jet Blue for the fun evening!!!

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