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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Random Facts About Me

Remember how like, ten years ago MySpace was huge and everyone had one of those "About Me" quizzes on the front of their page? Well, I'm home and I'm bored. So this is kind of like one of those. Sort of.

My favorite cookie is white chocolate macadamia nut.

This year is the first year in about four years that I was not a zombie. I may have mentioned that before which just goes to show how much it bothers me. That said, I would LOVE to be a zombie extra on The Walking Dead. I have work experience in my resume, damnit!

I was named after a character in Gone with the Wind and I didn't actually move to Georgia until I was four years old; therefore, my hometown had nothing to do with the name choice. 

I'm allergic to dogs. A bit difficult when you have dogs.

My favorite cartoon character is Stitch (he's Marc's too).

I have 21 tattoos.

I took the "sorting" quiz on Pottermore and got Slytherin.

My favorite superhero is Iron Man.


  1. I love Stitch too! ..and my favorite cookie's Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nut! Close enough :p

    1. I do love dark chocolate too!!!!!!!!!!


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