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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thompson Square

So I absolutely love Thompson Square. They are amazing and just the sweetest people ever. When I saw the billboard for their show at the Silverton, I knew I had to go and I got extra lucky and scored meet and greet passes so I didn't have to pay extra for VIP! W00t!!!!

Since I had two passes, I decided to bring along my co-worker since she's a big country fan too and she hasn't gotten to meet a whole lot of artists. We grabbed a quick dinner at Twin Creeks inside Silverton first since they have a seriously KILLER happy hour and then headed into the Veil Pavilion for the show.

They organized the meet and greet really well and it turns out they had extra reserved seating for the meet and greet fans who didn't purchase a seat upgrade. Fourth row! Score!!!

I've seen Thompson Square three times before and it was always either as an opener or as part of a larger event with a few other performers. This was the first time I got to see them perform a full set as a headliner and it was so much fun.

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