Jetsettin Daisy: Random Redneck Moments of the Week- Week 9

Friday, February 28, 2014

Random Redneck Moments of the Week- Week 9

1. I caught myself complaining about the yuppie kids at Cosmo (I am seriously too old for that place now).

2. I spent over an hour looking at fishing license regulations.

3. I found myself way too invested in the debate over pronouncing the word pecan.

Today I am linking up with High Five for Friday from Lauren Elizabeth!

1. The weather has been awesome and today it's raining! Yay! When it's always sunny, rainy days are exciting to us desert folks.

2. It is almost March which means another month until ACM time!!! I am way too excited about all the awesome upcoming shows in April.

3. It's my mom's birthday today. :-) We celebrated this week with a staycation at Caesar's Palace.

4. One of my best friends is coming to visit in May!!! Hurray!!!!!

5. I came in to work today to find a box of cakes and a bottle of wine. Not a bad way to start my work week, right? :-)

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