Jetsettin Daisy: A Weekend in New Orleans

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Weekend in New Orleans

Welcome to another month of Weekend Guides!

This month we are going to New Orleans. I have to tell you, this trip had been in the making for literally four years. We had originally planned to go back in 2012, but ended up going to Hawaii instead. I know, I know. So sad.

I found an amazing deal on flights and hotel for this trip. I usually try to book together but since Expedia didn't have a package for the Spirit flight, I opted to book separately. The flight was under $150 roundtrip per person and was nonstop. Since it was right at the end of the summer, it was insanely slow and quiet. No lines, no crowds, nothing. It was beautiful! Just super humid.

I really love New Orleans because I really enjoy cities with a lot of history. There are so many adorable historic hotels and so many wonderful restaurants in New Orleans. It's like a foodie paradise! While we visited the quintessential New Orleans institutions, we also tried a few new places and some really tried and true old favorites.

Next week we'll be having a look at great places to stay in New Orleans!

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