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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Weekend in New Orleans- Where to Stay

Good Morning!

Clearly, New Orleans has no shortage of places to stay. There are so many cute, charming, and historic spots as well as a ton of modern, hip options as well. 

One tip for planning where you are staying- pick wisely depending on your sleep levels. If you like city noise like I do, the older hotels won't be an issue. I think they have character and I sleep better with some street noise in the background.

Keep in mind there are historic street cars that run late and run early, so plan your hotel location around that as well. They're not quiet! There was a street car line right behind our hotel which was weird at 4AM when I was just going to bed the night we arrived but not such a problem the rest of the trip when I was too tired to notice.

Additionally, if you like a quiet atmosphere and want to actually relax and sleep, don't get a room near the clubs and bars (no brainer, I would hope). Think Frenchman Street (cool jazz clubs and actual music and bars) and Bourbon Street (looks like spring break). I certainly don't plan my trips around sleep but it's hard to have a good time during the day if you aren't getting quality sleep at night, you know?

Where to Stay

Lafayette Hotel
We stayed at the Lafayette Hotel. The location was pretty perfect and really convenient. The Uber rides were pretty much under $10 to anywhere we wanted to go (Magazine Street, French Quarter, etc) so it was also fairly economical.

The hotel is old and has a lot of charm. We had a nice suite (free upgrade) with a separate living area, wet bar, and a large bathroom. I'm not a hotel snob by any means (I've utilized more than my fair share of Days Inns) but in a historic city like New Orleans, having a really charming room is a plus. The beds were super comfortable, hot water was plentiful and fast, and the staff was always really helpful and friendly. We also had a cute little mini balcony but we never used it.

While I don't have any complaints about the hotel (we did once get a dirty towel from the housekeeper but when we showed it to her she immediately replaced it and hand checked the new one herself), I think the issues anyone else might have would just be in terms of the following:

Noise level- Close to the street car and the walls are thin because the property is older.
Not too modern- It's an older hotel and maintains a lot of older charm although the key system is fully modernized (I'm always afraid of losing actual keys).

Moxy Hotel
I think on my next trip, I'd love to check out the Moxy. It looks like a pretty adorable, modern, fun property. I really like the look of the hotel and the location is really close to Canal so it's just a short walk from the French Quarter.

Drury Inn
I became a pretty big Drury Inn fan when I took my huge road trip in 2012 with my mom and our dogs. The rooms are nice and comfortable, the hotels always offer a lot of amenities and food options, and they're all pet friendly. We had to stay at a lot of undesirable hotels along the way and we always looked forward to our nights at Drury hotels because they were really comfortable. The locations are usually pretty great too.

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