Jetsettin Daisy: Style Collective Dinner at Black Sheep

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Style Collective Dinner at Black Sheep

I love trying out great new restaurants, especially with my Style Collective sisters!

Last weekend, we had a fun dinner at Black Sheep and it was amazing! The restaurant is gorgeous and looks like it belongs closer to the Strip than the quiet residential area where it's located.

We had some amazing swag courtesy of Patchology, Cre8skin, Good Day Chocolates, Not Soap Radio, and Verb

The restaurant gave us such a cute set-up; we wanted to photograph everything!

The baby octopus was delicious and I'm not a big octopus fan.

 These spring rolls were so good! Perfectly crispy and not full of filler.

The Hamachi was amazing.

Spicy wings with some delicious sauce (these wings were huge). 

The tuna tartare was delicious.

Black Sheep only has one dessert and really, they don't need others. This chocolate tres leches cake was to die for, seriously.

Thank you so much to Black Sheep for hosting us! As always, all opinions are my own.


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