Jetsettin Daisy: Vancouver Day 1

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vancouver Day 1

So sadly I am home from my latest jaunt. I left Monday to visit my awesome friends in Vancouver and had the most awesome time!

My friend Tara picked me up from the airport. We made a quick stop at Daiso since I was itching to go after discovering there was one right in Richmond. After that we went to Stanley Park. I've been to Stanley Park once before; however, we hasn't stopped and it was just a quick drive through. Tara showed me the lookout points, beaches, and the Totem Poles as well. 

From here we hit up Granville Island. We wandered through the markets a bit and had an awesome lunch at Edible Canada. I had wanted to check out Beaucoup Bakery and we accidentally found it when we were lost. Amazing pistachio raspberry macaron!!!


Since a couple of my friends couldn't venture out to Vancouver after work, Tara brought me back to their hometown, Langley. Along the way we made a stop at New York Fries for my first Poutine. Deliciousness!!!

We grabbed dinner near west beach since the girls knew I love being near the water. I had no idea that Vancouver had so many great beaches!!! The weather was warm and sunny which I was not expecting at all. Every single one of my Vancouver friends made it out that evening and it was awesome!!! My first day in town was such a blast!

My hotel was way better than I expected! I got a room for around $225 for three nights at Kingston Hotel B&B. The room was larger and I had come prepared knowing there was no air conditioner, the bathroom was down the hall, and there was construction. With all that in mind, my stay was perfectly fine.

Anyway, more to come on day two...

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