Jetsettin Daisy: Vancouver Day 2

Monday, July 22, 2013

Vancouver Day 2

For my second day in town, Nykky had told me to let her know when I was getting ready so she could head down. It would take her about an hour. During that time I decided to check out Thierry Patisserie nearby since I had heard they had great macarons. For me, vacation means it's okay to have macarons for breakfast.

After eating I wandered down to Canada Place and happened by Fairmont Pacific Rim where Cory Monteith had recently passed. So sad to see all the flowers and news crews. Nykky found me around here and showed me to the Olympic torch and brick whale before we drove back to Langley.

Once in Langley we met up with Tara and Erica to go to Cultus Lake. The drive there was really nice; mountains and farms all around. We spent the afternoon chatting about Tara's wedding and chasing around the geese by the water.

Once Nykky and I headed back to downtown, we hit up Gastown and Yaletown for some tourist time. We grabbed dinner at Glowbal for Robert Pattinson's beloved Kobe meatballs (which were pretty great) and Chill Winston for dessert. I got to see the steam clock in Gastown and happen by Blood Alley as well. 

This was my latest night out and we didn't even go clubbing! I actually got some sleep this trip... More to come soon...

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