Jetsettin Daisy: Vancouver Day 3

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vancouver Day 3

On day tree Nykky and I made the same morning arrangement. This time I went to Finch's for breakfast. From here Nykky gave me a mini Twigeek tour!
We first visited the Cullen's house. It did not appear to have any residents thankfully so I didn't feel so bad admiring it from the car for a couple minutes. I just adore the trees in BC, the air isso much   cleaner than home! 

After this we went to Whytecliff Park which was apparently used for Bella's cliff diving scene. While we couldn't find the exact cliff in the movie, we spent some great time here since it was a beautiful day and the cliffs were lovely. We did a little climbing and the view was gorgeous.

By now we were getting pretty hungry so we stopped at Soirette for some macarons to tide us over until lunch. We decide on Chinatown and Nykky is so awesome that she had already printed out the walking tour! So cool!

We hit up all the major tourist points and had lunch at Maxim before grabbing some goodies from the bakery downstairs. I love Maxim restaurants and their custard tarts are pretty great.

We did a bit more wandering and ten hit up another Japanese discount store. I wig we had some back home since I am obsessed with their beauty products and travel items! The slippers I got at Daiso were perfect for the shared hotel bathroom!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at English Bay walking along the beach and grabbing dinner at Milestones. Crazy that my trip went by so fast!

More to come on day four...

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