Jetsettin Daisy: Palm Springs Part 1

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Palm Springs Part 1

Hello world!!!

So my friend Amanda and I have been throwing around the Palm Springs idea for a few months now. It's hot as hell at the moment, which means it's quieter and cheaper. We finally settled on date we liked and decided to make it a spa day. We found an AMAZING deal for the Riviera Palm Springs on Travelzoo and booked it immediately. The trip was wonderful and I took so many photos that I'm splitting this post in two just for the pictures.

We left around 7AM to drive over. We arrived around noon and went straight to the Viceroy for lunch at Citron. Such a gorgeous place, I loved the color scheme and my salmon was delicious. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a ton of free street parking all around the resorts and downtown areas. We wandered the grounds a bit before checking into our hotel.

Our Travel Zoo special was for a Mediterranean Junior Suite at the Riviera. We really thought it'd be fun to go with the Old Hollywood theme and considering the property's history, it was a great match. Such an amazing deal for a gorgeous room. The double sinks were especially nice and cut down on primping time for me and Amanda. We chilled for a bit before heading to the pool.

I had noticed that the resort had a TON of Foursquare offers for check-ins. Our room came with two free drinks already and the pools had free drink offers for check-ins as well (so did two of the bars and the restaurants). Check Fourquare! If I was going to get wasted, I could have done it for the cost of tips. Wonderful pool and wait staff and great happy hour specials as well.

After the pool, we got showered and ready for dinner. We decided to hit up Melvyn's at the historic Ingleside Inn since it fell in with our Old Hollywood weekend theme. We sat across from Sinatra's favorite table, had an AMAZING dinner (I mean really really really amazing), and were treated to a guided tour of the property. Everyone was unbelievably helpful and informative and the food was not outrageously priced considering how delicious it all was.

Following dinner, we wandered our hotel to see everything in the evening (the firepits were a nice touch) and grabbed a drink at the bar before retiring for the night. More to follow!

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