Jetsettin Daisy: Long Beach Day 1

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Long Beach Day 1

Hello Blog World!
So a few weeks ago, Val and I took a mini road trip to Long Beach to visit the Queen Mary. We wanted to check out the Diana exhibit and figured we might as well stay on the ship. I had Facebooked the hotel a few days prior (saw this tip on Yahoo and decided to try it) and we got an upgrade! Woohoo! The trip was only a day or so, but I took so many photos I decided to split this into two posts.
We got to the ship around 7 just when the sun was starting to set. We explored a bit before grabbing dinner at Sir Winston's. Nothing like fancy fine dining on a 1930's luxury liner! I've heard the restaurant has had ghost sightings since the piano was moved there but I didn't notice anything amiss. As a matter of fact, the only time I noticed anything was when we were exploring a bit below deck, I got nauseous and dizzy for no reason and kept getting weird chills. Pretty creepy!

The room was all kinds of cuteness. We had portholes! The "air conditioning" was an interesting little nob I can only describe as a larger version of the nozzle you see on an airplane. We had a vintage toilet flusher. As a matter of fact, I loved everything about our room except for our loud neighbors.

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