Jetsettin Daisy: Long Beach Day 2

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Long Beach Day 2

We grabbed breakfast at the cafe and enjoyed a nice view of the harbor. After this we explored some more and did the self guided tour of the upper decks.

We visited the Diana exhibit and had afternoon tea since we purchased the combo. I really loved this exhibit; I usually rush through museums unless I really really find them interesting but I read most of the information guides through this one and had a lot of fun. I loved seeing some of Princess Diana's iconic evening dresses and I was even more thrilled to see that the exhibit had a bunch of Kate Middleton's dresses too. I know most of her pieces were off the rack and these were just copies but it was still pretty fun to see them in person. We enjoyed a miniature afternoon tea at the tea room after the exhibit.

Once we checked out, we visited the Scorpion Submarine which was a Russian Cold War submarine that's docked right next to the Queen Mary. There was a recorded tour guide that gave info throughout the sub which was kind of cool and easy to follow. We also got a discount since we had been staying on Queen Mary.
After the submarine we made a stop at Shoreline Village. I had been here once ten years ago and had visited the pirate shop and bought a cute little jewelry box. I lost the box and could never find a similar one so I decided to check the store again. Surprise surprise, they still had it. Awesome!!! We grabbed some ice cream and wandered a bit and hurray, I found my lighthouse! Something to check off that summer list. Yay!
Our last stop was the SS Lane Victory, which was a World War II supply ship. It was pretty fun to walk around and see all the living quarters and the guns and where they kept supplies when they shuttled them around during the war. Val is a Naval veteran so she was able to tell me all kinds of neat little tidbits about the ship and other cool things. Like having my own personal guide!

Such a fun 24 hours away from Vegas. Can't wait to do it again!!!

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