Jetsettin Daisy: NFR 2013- Dierks Bentley

Monday, December 9, 2013

NFR 2013- Dierks Bentley

I think I've seen Dierks on stage three times this year and that still isn't quite enough.
Friday night I got to see him again. What a night. Found an amazing parking space which is a real miracle in itself during NFR.
Got to my 12th row center seat (I splurged since nobody was coming with me... insert really sad "Am I the Only One" pun here) which was great until these "badass rockers" decided to light up a joint a couple rows ahead of me. Nothing against people who smoke except that I'm allergic. Like highly (no pun intended). Rather than sit there with a massive migraine, I approached one of the ushers. She told me as soon as the show started, I could fill in any empty seat I wanted and then she did one better- she grabbed the usher from the VIP box who had an extra spot in one of the boxes. I got to enjoy Dierks and all his hotness from the VIP box. So crazy. Almost crazy enough for me to take off my little white tank top and throw it onstage (which a bunch of girls did). Okay, enough with the song puns and onto the pics.

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