Jetsettin Daisy: Hello Hollywood Day 2

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello Hollywood Day 2

Day 2 started with this super awesome view.

From here, we walked to Hugo's for breakfast. Cute little coffee shop look with a cool menu. The ginger lemonade was really tasty and our herbed egg white omelette was delicious too. Great start to the day!

We caught the tour bus (one of my fave hop on hop off varieties) right outside the hotel. It's really cool experiencing even familiar sites from the top of a double decker bus. We got to see all the cool shops on Rodeo, rode past the La Brea Tar Pits, and saw a lot of really great places we'd love to stop at next time.

Our first stop was (this day was full of sugar, btw) at The Grove to visit Sprinkles. We ended up hanging out at Dylan's Candy Bar too while waiting for the bus. 

After seeing a bunch of cool sites, we stopped at Hollywood and Highland so I could show Amanda the theatre and the Walk of Fame. We made one last sugar stop at Sweet since I was dying to make a custom candy bar. What a success, that thing was delicious. We even accidentally walked into the filming of a couple random television shows. Nothing interesting but kind of funny just the same.

We packed up from the hotel just as it started to rain and made our way to The Montage in Beverly Hills for our afternoon tea stop. This is always one of our favorite parts of our trips and this time was no different. The set was lovely and when we got our last few sweets boxed up, our server threw in a couple extra goodies for us. So awesome!

And then we drove home... in the rain. All in all, a great trip and we're planning another one to Beverly Hills for this summer!


  1. I am a tea junkie and super jealous of your afternoon tea experience! Looks amazing!

  2. Girl! I love your photos! And from looking over your blog, it seems like you travel a lot (totally jealous!). I'll have to follow you on Instagram to see more adorable pics. Keep up the great blogging! And, it looks like you're having tea with the Queen! :)


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