Jetsettin Daisy: SFO Part 4

Saturday, April 26, 2014

SFO Part 4

Holy crap!

So much has happened since my trip to San Francisco that I totally spaced on the rest of the post! Weird!!!

On our second day, we did one of my beloved Hop On Hop Off tour buses. I cannot rave about these enough. So convenient and things look different when you're on a top deck. They just do. Big Bus is my fave tour company but a lot of big cities have smaller companies with competitive pricing so just pick what works for you and make sure to look at the route map first! Oh and if you can, take advantage of the extras. A lot of them offer walking tours or comp bike rentals. 

We didn't stop too much; we went to the first viewing point for the Golden Gate Bridge (after going over it) and then stopped again at the Palace of Fine Arts. Melissa's only requirements for this trip were the Golden Gate Bridge and Chinatown. We got a great view from the boat the day before so this was a completely different experience. I am so glad we stopped at the Palace of Fine Arts. I love this building; it's so beautiful and I've never gotten to stop and see it and walk around. This was nice and the weather was great so it was just the perfect day to wander.

On a completely unrelated note, I have been horribly remiss about loading my pics off my memory card and actually doing anything with them. Note to self- do that tomorrow.

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