Jetsettin Daisy: Even when they lose, I'm still a Bulldogs fan...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Even when they lose, I'm still a Bulldogs fan...

A little Thomas Rhett anyone?

Amazing show the other night. Totally missed the opener while I was chatting with Thomas but so worth it. He puts on a really great show. And who doesn't love a man who compliments their outfit (to be fair I was wearing Braves and Bulldogs gear)??

Cannot wait for his next record; he played some of the new tracks and they're awesome. Thomas had posted a pic on Instagram of himself on a bike at Stagecoach and joked that he was riding it to Vegas. I told him we'd have had to wait a week to see him and he said it probably would have taken 35 hours to ride it here. We even chatted about our upcoming trip to the Bahamas (that sounds weird). 

Here are my pics from the night!

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