Jetsettin Daisy: SFO Part 5

Monday, April 28, 2014

SFO Part 5

After our adventures on the bus, we were exhausted. Melissa works graveyard typically so she wasn't used to being awake during normal non vampire hours. We went back to the hotel and chilled (I usually don't like to chill at the hotel but we had already done like EVERYTHING we had planned) for a couple hours and then headed out for dessert at Candybar. Such an awesome dessert place with cool drinks, delicious desserts, and hey board games! Who doesn't like the idea of a fancy schmancy ice cream sandwich (macarons on the outside, whaaaat) while playing Battleship???

After the delightful dessert... we were still hungry. And for bar food. Luckily we had spotted a cute little Irish pub behind the hotel down a scary alley filled with Dumpsters. Score! After a few greasy cheesy items later, we were settled for the night.

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