Jetsettin Daisy: Full Moon Days & a Barong Dance

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Full Moon Days & a Barong Dance

Our third day in Bali we opted for another private tour. 

We had a different driver this time and upon hearing our plans to visit attractions in Ubud, he added a couple of fun stops to our itinerary. Since it was a full moon day and the locals were going to be celebrating, the general vide around Bali was super festive. Most women we saw were dressed in the traditional Balinese outfits and even some of the little kids were dressed up.

Our first stop was at a small theatre to watch a traditional Barong Dance. When we bought our tickets we were handed an interpretation and information sheet that was all in English which was great because if not for that piece of paper, I would have had no idea what was going on! The show was relatively short but extremely colorful and quite interesting. I enclosed a link in case anyone is curious because I honestly don't know how to describe it and still had trouble following the story!

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