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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Singapore Stopover

We got to Singapore at about 2:15AM after another 7 hour and 30 minute flight.

Fortunately, Changi Airport is designed for long layovers and stopovers. But more on that later.

We had until about 1:30PM until we had to be at the airport so that left us the whole morning to do something. I decided on one attraction for that day just so that we wouldn't have to rush too much. We paid one of the left luggage ports to hold our carry-on bags and then too the MRT into town. The ride was about $2.40 Singapore Dollars so it was quite cheap. 

I had arranged for a breakfast and tour at the Singapore Zoo. I remembered going there when I was about three years old and it was a lot of fun so we decided it would be interesting to revisit. The zoo shuttle picked us up at one of the major hotels that was close to an MRT Station and drove us through town on the way to the zoo. After arriving, we were quickly escorted into the breakfast area.

I had seen a lot of complaints about the breakfast spread not having a whole lot of Western items but frankly, I think they did. I loaded up on the local cuisine (a whole plate of Roti Prata and some guava juice). Shortly after settling in, the orangutans came out by the dining room. It was nice eating and watching the monkeys just hang out and eat their breakfast. Super cute.

After breakfast, we took the tram around the zoo. I remembered this tram ride from when I was really really young. It was really hote and humid so after the tram ride, some wandering, and a trip to the giftshop, we were ready to head back to the air conditioned airport. 

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