Jetsettin Daisy: Singapore's Changi International Airport Round 01

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Singapore's Changi International Airport Round 01

Singapore's Changi International Airport is kind of amazing. They really do prepare for long layovers and stopovers with all kinds of amenities like a giant slide (which I never actually saw myself), gardens, a movie theatre, nap lounges, multiple 24 hour food options, etc. There is free wifi throughout the airport and it is regulated (you scan your passport for a code if you are not using cellular services on your phone). The airport even offers tours for people who want to get out of the airport and see a few sights before catching their next flight!

One of the things I found most intriguing (weird, funny, same thing) were the large statues of classic Singaporean food dishes. This year is the 50th anniversary of the country's independence and the vibe at the airport and all over the country is extremely festive.

I took lots of photos of the giant Hainanese Chicken Rice, the Satay, the Chili Crab, and the huge glittery Durian.

Yes, you can even sit in a giant slice.

I managed to stop by the orchid garden as well during this stop.

And of course, grabbed a bite at one of their 24 hour food courts. Kaya Toast and Char Kway Teow.

And while I'm usually totally against going to an American chain while traveling, I couldn't help stopping by the Swensen's Ice Cream inside of the airport. I had celebrated my fourth birthday here ages and ages ago and they actually had a few Singapore specific dishes and treats!

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