Jetsettin Daisy: Atlanta Day 2- Tattoos and The Walking Dead...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Atlanta Day 2- Tattoos and The Walking Dead...

Our second day started with us getting a rental car.

Lara and had planned to get a tattoo over at Skinwerks, a shop in Carrollton, Georgia. The owner had been on a recent season of Ink Masters and Lara really liked his work. Since we were making the trek out, and I had been wanting another Georgia themed piece, I decided to get one too. It really was well worth the drive. The piece that Lara got from Craig and the tattoo I got from Michel are both amazing! I just wish Skinwerks was closer to Vegas but of course if it was, I'd be getting a lot more and that might not be the best idea. If you're in Georgia and want a tattoo done, go there! I'm planning to make another stop on my next trip home.

We drove around for a bit and passed through Senoia which is home to Woodbury from the Walking Dead and appears to be home to some other filming for the next season. We saw a lot of random sets, no trespassing signs, and a large wall being built. Pretty cool! I loved Senoia so much, I'm coming back soon just to explore this adorable little town. 

After this, we headed back towards Atlanta for a last stop at Terminus. We tried to take as many photos as we could without actually breaking any laws and the A train car was visible from the road so we spotted it right away. Way too exciting! 

Once we dropped off the car we met up with one of my oldest friends, Christine, over at the Varsity. The Varsity food is not fantastic but it is a serious Atlanta institution and just one of those places you need to go to (kind of like how you have to take people to Waffle House so they can have gone). 

After a meal of chili cheese everything and a peach pie, Lara and I headed back to the hotel. We weren't tired and knew we'd get hungry again so we stopped by a hotel store for some snacks (King of Pops popsicles, peach ice cream, mac and cheese) and some drinks and settled for the night with Neighbors on Pay Per View. Pretty great day and a good time to rest up our sore limbs. lol

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