Jetsettin Daisy: Atlanta Day 3- Coca Cola & the Sun Dial

Friday, August 29, 2014

Atlanta Day 3- Coca Cola & the Sun Dial

Wow, am I just realizing I never posted this???

For our third and final day in Atlanta, we slept in. We needed to! 

Our first stop was World of Coca Cola. I have been here so many times and though they keep changing the set-up, it's always essentially the same. We skipped the films and walked through each exhibit before hitting my favorite part- the tasting room. Having grown up coming to WCC, I know which sodas are awesome (Asian) and which ones taste rancid (Italy). My favorite one is definitely Smart Watermelon from China, but Inka Cola from Peru is also really awesome. 

After this, we stopped by the CNN Center so Lara could hit the big Braves show. I found a lifesize Rick from Rick & Morty that was adorable. 

Our last stop before getting our luggage was a last minute inclusion. Since we had skipped breakfast, we were starving. We made a reservation at the Sun Dial and that was probably one of the best choices we made. The food was amazing and our last views of Atlanta were beautiful. 

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