Jetsettin Daisy: Tuesday Travel Guide: Atlanta- Where to Eat

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday Travel Guide: Atlanta- Where to Eat

Good Morning!

I really love food. When I travel, I love researching great new restaurants to check out and fun places to grab snacks for the hotel. One thing I really miss about Georgia is the great southern food. It's hard to find here in Vegas and a lot of times the "southern" places are hipster joints or "specialty" places with the matching prices. Back home, food isn't crazy expensive and it's authentically yummy.

Where to Eat

I'd strangely never been here. Crazy, right? We weren't too far so we trekked it over here one afternoon. It was fairly quiet and the service was awesome. It was one of the first meals I took my friend Lara to here in Atlanta and being my first meal home, I can't tell you how nice it was to be able to order a sweet tea and not be told "we have unsweetened and sugar packets". Yeah, not the same thing. Anyway, we got the fried green tomatoes and split an order and OMG so much deliciousness. If you're in the area, it's a must. You absolutely have to stop by at least once. 

Hands down, my favorite doughnuts ever. This is the place against which I compare all other doughnuts in the world. I even have the hat. My favorites are the A-Town cream (delicious and it's literally an A) and the fresh strawberries and cream. Once, my mom ate my last Reese's doughnut when we got home to Vegas and I nearly cried because I couldn't go back and get another. 

This was a random last minute choice my last day in town with my friend Lara. We had extra time to spare and wanted a good meal before we hopped back on the plane and we decided to check it out. I had seen the round building this restaurant tops a million times and had no idea what it was (it's a hotel). I'd actually never even been in a revolving restaurant so this was kind of a first. Our server was  hilarious and offered made up information to substitute facts he didn't know (so funny). The food was really really really good. I had the shrimp and grits and I still haven't found another place that did the grits quite like this place. The view was also phenomenal. And their Peachy Keen is the perfect refreshing drink for a hot summer day (we got the souvenir glasses to keep too)!

This is something of an Atlanta institution. There are multiple locations around town but the best one is off the freeway where the big Varsity sign lights up the night. The food is dirt cheap and greasy but it's yummy and a great budget option. It's also one of those "when in Atlanta" things you have to do at least once. The chili cheese fries and a Frosted Orange are always a great late snack too. Oh, and a fried peach pie. Those are delicious.

Kind of kitschy but if you're a big Gone With the Wind fan, it's a fun spot. All the drinks are themed or named after characters from the book (guess which one I ordered) and the food is good old southern fare. The salad bar is also really nice when you're starving and don't want to wait around long. The service was great too. We also met up with two of my childhood friends for dinner here the last night my mom and I were in town and it was so much fun. Great place for groups!

This place is really cool. There are two locations but go to the one in Little Five Points because they have the really cool skull entry (great for Instagram pics). It's a bar so the entry is restricted which is nice if you just want a break from screaming children or awkward teens. It's crowded and kinda cramped but that just sort of adds to its charm. The food is awesome. There's a huge selection of burgers (it's a burger joint too) and some amazing fries. My picks were the Zombie Apocalypse burger and these amazing sweet potato waffle fries that has this marshmallow dipping sauce. YUM.

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