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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Change of plans...

I don't like changes in my plans. Usually. This one is good.

When Marc and I discussed my upcoming visit a while back, he said he would try and take the whole time off so we could take a trip. I thought, "sure whatever, your boss will never let you do that" and didn't get my hopes up. Instead, I decided on a rental car and made my own plans for almost every day up until dinnertime when he would get home. I wasn't thrilled with spending all that time alone but I figured I'd enjoy exploring so it would be fine. As long as I got to see him for a few hours a day, I would be perfectly happy.

Change of plans.

Marc is taking that whole week off. He's using his vacation time and we're taking his new boat out. New boat? I didn't know he was getting a new boat (and by new I mean new to him, he said it's a 1970). I knew he was planning for one but I didn't know he was going to have it and I certainly did not know we would be taking it out. That means five full days with my honey. I couldn't be more excited. Screw all my plans. I didn't need them anyway. :-)

What I probably DO need is some seasickness stuff, just in case.


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