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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall stuff outside Vegas...

So I've been looking at the listings of things to do on my next trip to the Panhandle, and came across so many awesome things that I never thought to try before! Very excited... In fact, so excited that I'm making a list of things I wanna check out!
  • Corn maze!!!!
  • Hockey game (we have these in Vegas but they're kinda tame)
  • Hay ride
  • Interstate fair (Whaaaaaaaaat?????) 
  • Haunted house and trolley tour (would love to see something that isn't filled with Vegas flair)
I am also hoping to check out some seafood shacks along the coast. Looking forward to having my own car to drive around so I can do some exploring. Nothing annoys me more on a trip than sitting around a hotel room bored. 
And again, here are more Halloween photos... Last year was a Disney theme...


  1. Hi. Like your blog! Found you on the bloodymary blog hop. Started following you on bloglovin.

    1. Thanks! Found yours too and it's awesome!


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