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Monday, October 14, 2013

Vampires, AUGH!

Has anyone else been watching The Vampire Diaries and The Originals this season? I think I'm liking The Originals a little better; perhaps because I get bored with "college transition" seasons. Did you know that both shows are filmed in Georgia? I used to get casting updates all the time and thought it would be so cool to spend a day as an extra if I was ever in town during filming. That would be so fun. I visited the town where they film The Vampire Diaries a couple years ago. They were actually setting up lights for filming and if I'd had more time, I definitely would have stuck around to see what was going to happen. The town square is just the cutest (I love little historic town squares) and had some fun little shops. I posted a couple pics of my visit in one of my previous posts but just for fun, I thought I'd do a Vampire Diaries post and put up some pics of the visit to Covington and some pics I got at Nina Dobrev's 21st birthday party in Vegas a few years ago. Such a fun time and I randomly have a pic with her that's floating around the celeb gossip sites now. So weird!!!!
Mystic Grill!!!

Bonnie's House.

Elena's House.

The Lockwood Mansion.

Town Square.



  1. You went to "Mystic Falls"?? Jealous!!! Is it worth making a trip down in Virginia? It's funny I recently got my husband hooked on The Vampires Diaries. He keeps saying it's illogical (duh Vampires) and has a lot of plot holes but he couldn't stop watching it with me :))

    1. They actually film in Covington, GA! The Originals is filming out in Conyers, GA which is along the way. It was a fun little visit and if you're in Atlanta, it's a nice afternoon visit! I had fun. :)


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