Jetsettin Daisy: Super Trees and Chicken Rice

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Super Trees and Chicken Rice

I really wanted to see these super trees.

After seeing photos of them floating around the internet, I decided that my last Singapore stop would be a perfect night stop. Additionally, since all I really wanted to see were the super trees, the visit was free and the only charge inside the area was the $5 charge to walk around on the OCB Skyway.

We bought our tickets right before they shut down the box office so we were the last group of people to go in. You board an elevator up to the suspended skywalk and get 15 minutes to walk around. Since it was a bit windy and the skywalk was swaying, we only took about 5 minutes.

There was a super cheesy light and color show but the trees looked pretty amazing.

 Check out that view!

After our slightly scary walk, we went to the food court for some chicken rice and laksa.

 Then headed back to the hotel and grabbed some more chicken rice.

And I did manage to get one Singapore Sling before crashing for the night.

The next morning we made our way back to Changi Airport to fly home. What an amazing week!

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