Jetsettin Daisy: Vegas Staycation Part 03

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Vegas Staycation Part 03

After an amazing night's sleep (fluffy pillows and a nice chilly room), we were ready to start our day.
I really enjoyed the hotel from the service to the cute decor.

We had a late check-out at the hotel so we wandered down towards Fremont Street to near the Container Park for brunch. The Life is Beautiful festival had just ended two days before so some of the signage was still up and there were plenty of murals around to enjoy.

And I had to get our selfie in front of the heart made of locks at Container Park.

Our brunch spot, Eat, was a little hidden and super cute. The menu was pretty awesome with lots of great options and everything was delicious.

I really just liked the look of this place.

After brunch, we wandered a little closer to the hotel to O Face Doughnuts since I had a Groupon.

Gotta love Groupon!

I can't remember what Corey got but I had an orange Boston cream and something with guava and coconut. YUM.

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