Jetsettin Daisy: Vegas Staycation Part 02

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Vegas Staycation Part 02

After our ice cream, we decided to utilize the cute retro style pool at the hotel.

Because who doesn't love going directly to the pool after a large meal?

The temperature was great and it was overcast enough that the sun wasn't hitting us too hard even though it was late afternoon. Corey's beers were $2 each and frankly my pina colada was a bit of a steal for Vegas at only $8. 

I do love travel planning by the pool.

After sunbathing we enjoyed watching the downtown area light up.

We changed and headed to dinner at the restaurant downstairs. The 24 hour cafe S+O not only had a great prime rib special for $9.99, we also had a free dessert (which we took to go). 

Also, the best buffalo wings I've had at a hotel in Vegas. Ever.

We wandered Fremont Street for a bit playing tourist. Corey and I had never been downtown together before so it was nice to walk around and just take in the weirdness that is downtown Vegas. 

We made one last stop at Du-Pars inside the Golden Gate Casino for some pie. I'd heard that the pie here is really great and I know my boyfriend likes pie so we thought it would be a great way to finish off our evening.

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