Jetsettin Daisy: Canada 2015- Part 02

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Canada 2015- Part 02

So after the big Mexican restaurant confusion, we met up with Tara.

Trying to find something to do on a random Thursday night was hard. Despite Tara's husbands half serious suggestions, we did not in fact go to a park and smoke a joint. Instead, we went for ice cream because I needed sugar and had yet to eat dessert.

After ice cream, we were still at a loss. Finally, Nykky came up with a wonderful (and super creepy) idea- we would go see the Bates Motel set since the series is filmed not too far from where most of the girls live. Sounded like a plan.

My friend Jac lives down the road from here and had told me later on how one day she left for work and the field was empty and when she came home that night, suddenly there was a rundown motel and a creepy house on a hill. So freaky. 

After looking up the address, we drove down a back road with no lights and started to look for trailers or anything indicating a film set. We weren't sure if the set would be up since filming was on a break but suddenly the trees cleared and there it was. 

The actual motel itself would be creepy enough on a normal day but since filming was off, the building was wrapped in plastic that was eerily blowing in the wind. The actual Bates mansion was high up on a hill looking creepy and ominous. To make it worse, the interior seemed to glow a bit and there was a shadow of a person (a fake one) standing in the window. Super weird.

We got out of the car to take pictures and everything seemed relatively normal until Tara heard a noise. Keeping our ears open for serial killers, we all tried to stay quiet and hurry along. Finally we heard something. A goat. A really loud annoyed goat. Suffice to say, we wrapped up quickly and left.

Fun first night in Langley!

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