Jetsettin Daisy: Canada 2015- Part 01

Monday, June 8, 2015

Canada 2015- Part 01

Hello hello!

So it's definitely time for my Canada trip posts. If you've been following me for a while, you might be familiar with the random story of how I met my beloved Canadian friends. Long story short- I like to say I crashed their bachelorette party and they like to say they picked me up in an elevator. Either way, five years later, I love them and try to visit them at least every couple years.

The last visit (which can be read on Vancouver 01, 02, 03, and 04) was mostly spent in downtown Vancouver doing all kinds of fun touristy things. This trip, I flew into Bellingham, Washington (so much cheaper) and my friend Nykky picked me up and carted me over the border to her hometown of Langley, where all my girlfriends live. 

Sidenote- Nykky has the coolest apartment I've ever seen. Like beautiful. I told her (multiple times) that it looked like a Pinterest board and felt like a boutique hotel. All that was missing were the chocolates on the pillows (damnit Nykky jk). 

It was late afternoon when we settled in and oddly enough, one of the first things we did was hit up the dollar store. Sounds weird I know but damn. I found all kinds of cool random goodies and since Canada day was about a month away, I found a ton of Canada miscellaneous goods. Cheap souvenir shopping!!! I had promised the boyfriend a refrigerator magnet (because his refrigerator is sad and lonely) and for the cost of a regular magnet at a tourist trap I got mugs, shot glasses, a moose hat, and a magnet. Souvenir shopping, all done! That was fast.

After shopping, we headed over to one of the cutest little Mexican restaurants I've seen in a while to meet up with my friend Ashley and her cousin Lindsey. Our friend Tara was going to meet us there and right around when we were going to order we got a call from her asking where we were. It turns out she was at the wrong Mexican restaurant. Kind of awesome. 

Stay tuned for Part 02 which was so creepy and kind of rediculous that I feel it needs its own post.
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