Jetsettin Daisy: Canada 2015- Part 04

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Canada 2015- Part 04

Fort Langley was a great time. 
Especially because we brought children and watching them was half the fun.

The Fort is a major historic place in Canada and has a cute little village inside. My friends told me that they'd come here for school field trips when they were younger and seriously, I would have loved to have a field trip somewhere like this. 

 We did have a momentary freak out when me and Nykky heard goats and Tara thought we were going nuts. Turns out, there are goats. 

There is also gold panning.

And fun costumes that we maybe weren't supposed to put on and wear...

All in all, a fun educational outing for us non Canadians and Canadians alike.

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