Jetsettin Daisy: Canada 2015- Part 06

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Canada 2015- Part 06

The next day we took a little daytrip.

I love that I already did the downtown Vancouver tourist attractions. It meant I got to spend a lot more time doing the kinds of things my friends like to do and getting to see places they've been and see more of the nature side of BC than just the city.

We piled into Tara's jeep early and headed for Merritt. Nykky knows how much I love country music, so she and Ashley had suggested this small town since there was a lot of country music attractions here. The drive over was gorgeous and the weather was pretty perfect.

When we got to Merritt, it turns out the Country Music Hall of Fame was closed. No big deal. We got to enjoy all sorts of awesome murals and do the Country Music Walk of Fame. There were some awesome stars along the way so we got to see some pretty cool spots. 

We also made a stop for bannock. I love native frybread from Arizona and the bannock here was pretty awesome. Even better- they cafe played lots of Johnny Cash. 

On our way out, I sampled some contraband in the form of Kinder Surprise.

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