Jetsettin Daisy: Canada 2015- Part 03

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Canada 2015- Part 03

My second day in Canada was pretty chill.
After grabbing Tim Horton (I geeked out over that Stanley Cup donut), we wandered a bit. My friend took me over to the Kents farm from Smallville and since it's been so long since I saw the show, I committed a major feux pas- I took a pic of the wrong farm. Yeah. I did that.

After this awkwardness, we grabbed lunch at the Cactus Club with my friend Erica. I was warned ahead of time that they had the coolest bathrooms. No joke, they really did.
The food was pretty great too.

We ventured out in the heat (seriously, it was pretty hot) to see the Storybrooke town hall in Fort Langley and then made our way to the actual fort to visit with more of the girls.

At the risk of overloading this post with pics... TBC...
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