Jetsettin Daisy: Tuesday Travel Guide: Denver- Where to Stay

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday Travel Guide: Denver- Where to Stay

Good morning!

So to continue our travel series in Denver this month, today I'm going to review the hotel where we stayed and list a few other fun places as well.

Where to Stay

We stayed at Hotel Teatro. In fact, we loved it so much that I wouldn't suggest anywhere else unless a) Hotel Teatro is booked or b) it's out of your budget. We absolutely adored our hotel. 

As much as I loved getting away from Vegas for a short weekend, in truth, Denver was not the friendliest city we've visited. I'll be honest, we are really nice people. I love being friendly, especially to service staff and airport staff and pretty much the whole weekend we dealt with rude and unfriendly people. This frustrates me because it sucked but also because when enough people are nasty to me, it makes me pretty nasty in return and I hate feeling like a bitch. To be fair, people were not very friendly at the Vegas airport either so maybe it was a bad weekend for everyone but honestly, aside from the hotel staff, most people we encountered in Denver were not very nice.

First, the hotel is super cute. It's really modern but kind of classic too if that makes any sense. There are lots of little historic looking touches all over the hotel like mail chutes and a safe door in the hallway. Everything is really pretty and in great neutral colors. The Study inside the hotel serves food and acts as a great place to just hang out and get some work done. 

The front desk at Hotel Teatro was super welcoming and because it's an Expedia VIP Plus hotel, we got a little bonus and an upgrade. The room was gorgeous and really well updated. Plenty of outlets, a really nice bathroom (rainfall showerhead, soaking tub, great toiletries), and a super comfortable bed. The staff was all very friendly and meals at The Nickel and The Study were delicious (I had the persimmon french toast which sounds weird but was so yummy). 

The hotel provides complimentary car service within a 2.5 mile radius so we pretty much didn't need to worry about cab rides or Uber/Lyft charges. Additionally, the city was really walkable so we didn't really need to use the car service much anyway. The location was perfect and super close to everything we wanted to see. It was so awesome!

Other Options

We had originally looked at The Curtis as well. The rooms look super cute and the restaurant inside the hotel- The Corner Office- looked pretty awesome (it turned out to be closed). The location was also pretty great (right around the corner of where we stayed). 

There are some pretty gorgeous Air BnB options downtown as well. This loft suite is close to everything as well and has a lot of space. Plus, lofts are super cute.

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